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Smile all white?

5th August 2010

One of the 21st century’s biggest advances in dental enhancement is teeth whitening.

At Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry we recommend two options – tray whitening or the Zoom advanced power whitening.

With tray whitening, the patient wears a specially produced close fitting tray into which gentle whitening solution is applied and worn  – at night or for four hours during daytime.

With the Zoom advanced power whitening a 90 minute process is carried out in the surgery using a lamp to activate whitening gel which is applied to your teeth.

The two options can be used separately or as a combination to achieve the best results.

Our hygienist Jen can advise on whitening during a routine hygienist appointment or ask for more information during a consultation. Please contact us by phone or email too if you would like more information about our whitening services.

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