Patient Testimonials

The results of my treatment speak for themselves, my initial hopes were to have a smile that was natural, I didn't want to appear as if I'd had my teeth done. As a dentist myself I was always going to be hard to please, but the care and attention to detail that both Dr Friel and his technician put in to ensure the final results humbled me. DB - Dentist

Written Testimonials

Mr R.W

"Hi Phil, thank you for taking the time to see me today, it was very much appreciated. I am absolutely delighted with the crown. You are a genius."

Mr C.H

"Quite simply, my decision to have implants done by Jilllian Clare at Philip Friel dental surgery is one of the best I have ever taken.
The final result is completely convincing and aesthetically exactly what I envisaged. The treatment throughout the process was clearly state-of-the-art and absolutely meticulous. Very importantly, Jillian Clare was greatly skilled at explaining exactly what all possible options were and what would be going on throughout the treatment.
The end results seem fairly miraculous, and in a perfectly ordered world everyone could benefit from attentions like these. The consequent improvement in sense of well-being and dental health has been wholly impressive Thanks and congratulations are owed on a huge scale to the redoubtable Jillian Clare!"

LK - Female Patient

"I was referred to Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry for two dental implants. Since a child, I have had a abject fear of visiting the dentist. I don't consider myself to be a very good patient either! From my very first visit, from reception to treatment has been fantastic. The staff are friendly and professional and I felt completely at ease. Before treatment began, I received a letter with a breakdown of each process and, on each visit, the treatment I was receiving on that occasion was explained again. I also had a couple of appointments with Jennifer, the Hygienist, who gave me scale and polish...... pain free. Loads of tips and advice on how to look after not only my new implants but, my own teeth. I now have two fantastic implants and my teeth are whiter, cleaner and look better than they have done for many years. I can't thank the entire team enough. "


Amazing! I am so thrilled to have my teeth back to normal. Having had a failed implant put in by another dentist, I was apprehensive to try again, but the process with Philip Friel was so seamless - dare I say easy!? - and the results are beyond expectation. Highly highly recommend.


Fabulous, professional and responsible practice. Couldn’t have received better care. Everything extremely well explained including all options open to me. I am extremely grateful that my root canal has finally been treated appropriately and that my fractured tooth was salvaged so well. Great team effort all round.

Margaret Wren

I was recommended by a friend to contact Phillip Friel for my dental implants, which I had been thinking about for over two years. I can say that from the very first appointment I was kept fully informed about my treatment. All options were explained to me and I then decided on the best one that suited me. The procedure went ahead without any complications and I am absolutely delighted with my two dental implants. The staff were excellent and were very attentive. I would recommend Phillip Friel Advanced Dentistry to everyone.


Phil, I want to thank you for all these things that make a good dentist – your professionalism, exceptional clinical skills, attention to detail, patience and compassion. But there’s more to it than that – I really appreciate the way you have always put enormous effort into doing what’s best for me, even at times when it came at a personal cost to you and meant facing up to things that were difficult. I greatly value your honesty and the way you always take me seriously and treat me with respect. Finally I really love my new gold crown and keep insisting on showing it to everybody!

I’m sure I’ve missed somebody out, but I’d particularly like to thank. I wanted to thank you all for your help and support over the last few years as I’ve worked on tackling my dental phobia. Phil’s name may be above the door, but it’s been very much a team effort and it’s good to know that this is a place where I could see anybody and know I am in safe hands. Everybody I’ve met has been kind, patient, discreet, totally professional and willing to put in a great deal of effort at every stage. There are many people to thank individually that I’ve had to overflow onto a separate piece of paper!

I’ve left some chocolates as a small token of my appreciation – I hope there’s something in there for everybody.

Kasia, who was the person who first help my hand and showed me that things were really going to be different here, and who has consistently been there to offer support and encouragement ever since. Jen W, who has a genuine talent for keeping it real and grounding me when things start to feel out of control and has on occasion provided a shoulder to cry on.

Pamela, Louise, Jenn and Jill, who have all helped me at various times, and who have all been totally un-phased by coming in and out of a complicated messy story, each responding with kindness and compassion.

Finally, Siobhan and Karyn, who have always provided a warm and friendly welcome, handled all the unpredictability and chaos that dental phobia brings with professionalism and discretion, and both often gone out of their way to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Mr MD - Age 56

I have recently completed a 2 year treatment plan with Philip, and I am delighted with the outcome.

The treatment was scheduled around my busy work commitments, and Philip and his colleagues provided a flexible, workable programme, which allowed me to complete my treatment with no impact upon my business commitments.

Prior to registering with Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry, I was nervous and uncomfortable with the prospect of dental treatment, and as such I had avoided dentists and allowed my teeth to decay badly over a number of years. The team at the Hyndland clinic provide a friendly welcoming atmosphere, and have "gone the extra mile" throughout my treatment period, so much so, that I now actually look forward to going to the dentist.

Philip provided a detailed documented treatment plan, and discussed all the options which I might like to consider, allowing me to chose the treatment which best suited my needs, with the overall objective of restoring my smile. The treatment plan involved extractions, fillings, bridge work, crowns and dental implants. Philip explained every procedure in a simple straightforward manner, and was always happy to answer any questions at any time.

Throughout the 2 years of the treatment plan, I didn't suffer a single incident of pain or discomfort.

I now have a fantastic smile, it looks completely natural, and has given me enormous confidence when attending functions and speaking in public. I could not have hoped for a better outcome.

Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry provide a first class, pain free, exceptionally friendly, professional dental service. I am delighted with the outcome of my treatment, and I would not hesitate to recommend Philip and his colleagues to anyone requiring dental treatment.


I have been a patient of Philip Friel’s for many years now and had no issue at all other than the very occasional repair of a filling. Last year one of two front crowns (relics of rugby injuries sixty years ago) broke and on investigation it transpired that there were subterranean issues arising from poor NHS crown work at that time. After a lot of mining and open discussion I agreed to go with his recommendation to have two implants, thus pre-empting any potential bone damage in the longer term and providing a permanent solution. After a lengthy and expensive process I can honestly say that the end result is excellent and very comfortable and absolutely worthwhile. Strange to relate Philip and his staff made it all such an agreeable process that I even looked forward to appointments. Philip really cares, both in his detailed attention and personal pride in the final product and in the process when he was prepared to appear early one Saturday morning en route to Oban with family in response to an emergency call on the Friday night after a temporary crown had been dislodged. I can recommend Philip Friel and his practice without any qualification.


My 7 year old daughter broke her front teeth in an accident one evening and so we called Philip Friel for emergency treatment. We are not patients of the practice but nevertheless they understood our concern and stayed open late to see her.

The care we received was brilliant. The team was very friendly and Philip was incredibly good putting my daughter at ease and making such an amazing repair. We are all delighted with the outcome and would recommend this fantastic dental clinic in a heartbeat - 24/6/16


I had a conventional crown for a number of years - it frequently became detached and had to be re-attached until there wasn't enough of the tooth left to attach it to. My own dentist suggested an implant would be a much more lasting solution, but we've all heard the horror stories so I was a bit scared.

I decided to go for a no obligation consultation, where I got plenty of information and absolutely no pressure to go ahead. The decision was mine, but I got all the information I needed to make an informed choice.

I felt really reassured by Phil himself - the right balance between friendliness, professionalism and reassurance so I decided to go ahead.

The things that mattered most to me were firstly clinical excellence. This was no rush job and proper healing was Phil's priority before the final crown went on. I know people who have had bad infections, so I know that matters! Also, Phil was in constant liaison with my own NHS dentist. That shared care model was important to me as my regular dental care was undertaken in the context of the implant process.

Finally, I'd been a bit worried about extraction of the old root, as there wasn't much to grip! I had local anaesthetic and can honestly say I didn't feel a thing. It was an evening extraction, and by the next morning there was no swelling or pain at all.

I'm really, really pleased with the final result. When I smile, I smile big. It's so much better not to have an unsightly gap. It wasn't cheap, but it was worth every penny - 23/6/16


Many thanks to Philip and his team for the kindness and reassurance given during my recent treatment.

I am delighted with my new implant. Following a root fracture, I was devastated at the thought of losing a tooth.

I can, however, now testify to having undergone this treatment pain and anxiety free. So much so, I hadn't realised the initial implant placement had taken place. An amazing result has been achieved - 20/6/16


I was lucky to come across Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry Clinic and it totally exceeded my expectations. I had had a bad experience at a previous dentist and was cautious if further treatment could be undertaken and the situation rectified. Philip is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his profession which made me feel confident with him doing my treatment. Since my first appointment, Phil and his team have made me feel welcome and relaxed, he always talks me through every procedure and I feel totally safe in his hands. Philip has solved a problem for me that I didn’t think had a solution.

The clinic has a very welcoming feeling from the moment you step through the door. Phil has a very professional friendly team, appointments were always available with planning at times to fit round my diary. The reception team are always welcoming and make you feel relaxed whilst waiting. Phil’s nurse Kasia is very competent and also knowledgeable in my treatment plan. She also has a caring approach that makes you feel very comfortable.

When considering this type of treatment it is only right to mention costs and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the reasonable and fair price for such expertise of work. I would happily recommend Phil and his colleagues to family and friends. Their standards are extremely high and their patient care is remarkable. In my particular case I feel if Phil cannot sort it then it is unsortable!! Thank you Team PFAD. - 24/6/16

CS, Female, Dentist

Being a dentist myself I have high standards when it comes to my own dental care, standards Phillip Friel surpasses. I feel completely safe and reassured in his hands and I trust him utterly with the care of my teeth.

I have had implant treatment with Phil, which was painless and came with only the minimum amount of post operative discomfort. I was also very pleased with the results and cannot praise Phil enough for his excellent work.

The same care has obviously been taken into making the practice as comfortable and welcoming as possible and it is always a pleasure to visit.

Phil and his team are exceptionally talented and friendly people, which I almost find difficult to say being a rival dentist!

CS, Female, Dentist

I thoroughly recommend Philip Friel for dentistry.Phil has been treating me for a number of years and I am extremly impressed.I am also a dentist and it is never easy treating a professional colleague and dentists don't make the best patients. Phil's dentistry is of the highest possible standards and I trust him impeccably with my teeth. Phil has carried out complex implant treatment on myself and all procedures were completely painless with minimum post operative discomfort. Phil and his staff are always welcoming, understanding, patient,and professional and completely put me at ease.The surgeries and waiting room are amazing. I cannot praise Phil and his team enough.

Female age 63

As a 62 year old woman needing extensive dental treatment and being very particular about my smile, I have to say I was treated with courtesy, kindness, patience and professionalism at every visit to Philip's surgery.

Female patient

I was always made to feel that my needs were being met and any worries I had were fully discussed and respected.

Female patient

Philip has a lovely assistant Kasia who is very knowledgeable with a warm and understanding nature.

Female patient

Siobhan on the desk, made me feel as if I belonged right from the start and Ian at the lab, went to great lengths to help create the smile I wanted - he's a very talented man!

Female age 62

I'm now a happy smiling 62 year old woman and I never felt a thing.

Female patient

Everyone's smile is important and when a crown on my upper front incisor began to move I knew that dental surgery was my only option.

Having sought advice from my own dentist, the Dental Hospital and one other dental practice I decided to visit Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry to see what they would have to say. The ambiance of the waiting room, the professional hi-tech surgery and care and professionalism of the staff left me in no doubt that this would be very good visit and I would most probably have an excellent experience if I were to chose Philip Friel and his team to carry out the necessary procedures.

Listening to all advice it became clear that an implant would be the most favourable choice for a successful solution to the problem.

The efficient and caring attitude of all the PFAD team ensured that the therapy was carried out with all due care and professionalism that merit the title “Advanced Dentistry”.

Nine months on, I have a new implant and 3 new crowns which allow me to smile and interact with others with renewed confidence.

Thank you PFAD ...a great job!

Male patient

First class treatment which was conducted in a highly professional and friendly manner. I would like to thank Philip, Kasia and all the team for what was a surprisingly pleasant experience. I couldn't have wished for a better outcome and now I have a full compliment of teeth again!

Male patient

Hi Phil. I write to thank you and Kasha and all your staff for the fantastic treatment and after care service I have received during my implant surgery. I do realise, having had Diabetes for 42 years, that the healing process takes twice as long but the end result is fantastic. Having suffered pain from gum problems for many years and not being able to eat certain foods is very restricting .The joy of eating an apple, spare ribs, and real corn on the cob is brilliant. I will now see you in 3 months time for my quarterly check up. Wishing you and all the Staff a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Female patient

Having had a history of a series of badly fitting crowns which were prone to falling out, leaving me lacking in confidence about the security and functional capability of my teeth, I consulted Philip Friel after seeking recommendations from dentists in both Edinburgh and Glasgow. Philip revealed that my dental profile had been compromised by having been prescribed bisphosphonates (alendronic acid) for some time and tailored his treatment plan to account for this.

As a result, the whole process took 2 years but involved firstly undertaking an implant on only one premolar to determine the timescales needed to safely undertake the remedial work on the front four incisors. Thereafter, Philip managed to adapt the post of an implant inserted some years previously and complement it with two additional posts. In addition to the premolar, I received a single lateral incisor and a bridge of the two central incisors and the other lateral incisor.

The results have been better than I could have hoped.

During the process, Philip went to great lengths to ensure the temporary plate was always comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, but even greater lengths to ensure the permanent implant teeth are works of art – totally natural looking and immediately comfortable. I now can talk, eat and smile with total confidence.

The treatment, programme, risks and costs were explained in detail in advance. Philip would not compromise on the duration of the treatment, which had no bearing on the cost and, with hindsight, he was right to do so, however frustrating it was at the time. Neither would he compromise on the quality of the appearance of the teeth and several appointments were held with a technician until all three of us were satisfied – and I was satisfied before they were!

Finally, everyone in the surgery provides the same level of care and attention, from the receptionists to the dental nurses and hygienists. The total service is one of utmost quality.

Female patient

I write to confirm that I am delighted with the dental work carried out by you with regard to my recent implant. The treatment received throughout the whole process was excellent and everything happened just as you explained it would at my initial consultation. The treatment plan detailed the various steps and procedures involved and it was amazing how smoothly each stage was completed. At no time did I feel any pain; at the very worst it was slightly uncomfortable, but even then for a very short time. Even the longest appointment felt like 20 minutes, but usually it was less than that.

The surroundings are very pleasant and the staff at reception very efficient. Kasia is obviously a great asset to the practice. She put me at ease right away with her friendly manner and her expertise.

Finally, I would like to thank you very much - I am so relieved to have the implant in place. It looks great and even my family and friends "in the know" cannot tell which is the implant, it blends so well with my other teeth. I would not hesitate to recommend your clinic to anyone considering an implant.

Male age 39

Around 20 years ago I started working full-time. I had to wear a formal work suit (shirt, tie and jacket).

I began to notice that I sweat a lot in the armpit area. I tried different deodorants, but these didn’t seem to help. My shirts were wet and uncomfortable, going right through to my jacket. I started to become self-conscious. I tried different deodorants, but this didn’t seem to help. My shirts wear constantly wet and uncomfortable. Eventually, if I had to wear a suit Jacket, this would become wet also. I didn’t have a real problem with odour; just the extreme wetness. I was embarrassed. I wouldn’t lift my arms, and could only wear white shirts as any other colour would show up the sweat. It was getting me down.

Eventually, I decided to visit my GP about this problem. I was told there were three options available to me - aluminium chloride solution, injections oftions of botulinum toxin type A or surgery. Initially I opted for the first, believing that this was the least invasive. Unfortunately, the aluminium chloride solution was uncomfortable and actually painful to put on. After a while I gave up.

“Botox” was, I considered, a Hollywood fad only suitable for cosmetic treatments. I didn’t fancy it, so I went back to hiding and living with the wet shirts and jackets. However, as time went on I realised that “botox” was in fact more of a mainstream treatment, available for other problems and not just cosmetic procedures. I began to consider it as an option. I also learned that my dentist, Dr Philip Friel, was qualified in administering botox for this particular problem.

Dr Friel is a fantastic dentist. He always makes me feel comfortable and at ease, so I decided to discuss the possibility of botox for my armpits with him. He couldn’t believe that I had been living with the problem for so long! He was confident he could help. He immediately put me at ease, and explained the procedure and costs (which I found to be reasonable).

It was a “no brainer”. Assured by Dr Friel’s advice and clinical approach, I went ahead. I felt a few small pricks, but not much more. All I can say is “thank you”. This has has changed my life... I do not sweat at all in this area. I now wear blue, pink and grey shirts! I can gesticulate with my hands and arms without embarassment, and everything stays dry.

So….. “Hands up if you like Dr Friel’s Focal Hyperhidrosis Solution?! Or, hands down if you don’t”….!

Thank you to Dr Friel and to all the staff at Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry.

Female age 50s

Being a professional woodwind player (a bassoonist) my teeth are even more important-they affect the fine tuning of your embouchure (how the reed sits in your mouth) greatly.

I was therefore concerned what to do when, aged just over fifty, the first of my two remaining baby teeth fell out. Being a genetic abnormality, these baby teeth have no secondary teeth underneath and I was left with an unsightly gap near the front of my mouth and no prospect of a new tooth growing.

As well as knocking my confidence it affected my bassoon playing-I sometimes had some air hissing out of my mouth when I was playing and I had to play slightly out of the side of my mouth to minimise the effect on the gap-not ideal.

Jillian gave me a lot of information about options and I decided implant was the best option for me. She was very clear in her explanations of the procedure and this gave me confidence to go ahead without feeling too worried (obviously I was a bit nervous about the drilling bit!).

The main operation is inserting the post on which the tooth will be attached into the jaw and this involves drilling into the jaw. I needed to try to stay relaxed for this. It isn't the most pleasant procedure-firstly you get a lot of vibration, and when the drill was deeper I began to feel a bit of burning .Then Jillian inserted some more anaesthetic and it was fine. I wouldn't like to have an implant done by a less competant dentist than Jillian! She took her time and didn't rush it.

I had seven stitches and religiously did the mouthwashes as instructed. I had to play my bassoon a couple of days after the procedure in a very scary piece that requires a lot of control called Ruckert Leider by Mahler live on Radio 3! In the break before the concert I trimmed some of the threads from the stitches because they got into the bassoon reed!

I was provided with a denture-but in the end I preferred not to use it because I couldn't play the bassoon with it in. So I lived with the gap for six months until the final stages of the implant could be completed.

The final stages of impressions and fitting the tooth are much less invasive than the initial drilling and I was so happy when the tooth was fitted that I couldn't stop smiling all day!

It is really beautiful and perfectly matched-it looks better than my own teeth have ever looked and is in the best position to improve the appearance of the neighbouring teeth. It was a relief to play without that gap and to be able to smile with confidence.

I was so pleased with the first implant that I didn't hesitate to decide to get another one when my other baby tooth came out last year and I am now very happy with the best smile I have ever had-I always hated my baby teeth! If I had had bridges they wouldn't have been so permanent and would have affected neighbouring teeth.

I think a lot of the success of these implant is due to the brilliant skill of Jillian and I wouldn't want trust a less good dentist than her to do this procedure. She is very gentle and dextrous. There was a lot of good banter in the surgery which helped me to be less nervous!

Female age 20s

Many thanks to Andrew and the team at Philip Friel'd clinic. Despite being generally happy with my teeth, I wanted to discretely fix the few lower teeth that were crossing at the front.

I am so pleased with my decision to use a lingual brace to do so - it did the job very quickly and painlessly!

Andrew was confident in his abilities which were reassuring throughout the treatment and the same can be said for the nurses who were all lovely.

The few times I needed something fixed on my brace, Philip was able to stand in for Andrew so I was seen as soon as possible. The ability to be so accommodating was most impressive considering how busy the practice is.

All in all, my experience at Philip Friel dentistry can only be described as a pleasure. The stylish practive and the pleasant receptionists only added to the friendly and professional service.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the practice to anybody.

Female age 53

Thank you so much to everyone for the superb treatment I received at the clinic. My smile and my confidence has been completely transformed.

I have always been self conscious about my teeth for as long as I can remember. I have large prominent teeth with an overbite. However I fell at the age of 10 and badly chipped one of my 2 front tooth and from thereon in I had trouble with that tooth.

I have attended the same dental practice for over 40 years and had as much treatment as my own dentist could give me .My back teeth were heavily filled, crumbing and moving. I had a crown at the side that kept falling out and a dark line showed at the top and another lower crown that was causing me extreme pain .I had a few lower back teeth extracted in my 20's and had gaps there which made eating very difficult. My front tooth had a veneer on the half tooth I had chipped and the tooth next to it was a different shape and much slimmer so my smile was squinty looking. I had it all going on with having teeth missing at the back, crowns ,veneers and I was really struggling to eat. Worse still at the age of 51, I was in constant pain with my back teeth, particularly at night.

I had an in depth discussion with my own dentist and he referred my to Dr. Friel as he felt he was the dentist to sort out the difficulties I was having with my back teeth. he told me that there was no "quick fix" for me and that I had to be prepared for perhaps over a year of treatment . I trust my own dentist implicitly. He has been in the business for over 30 years and is highly regarded in the dentistry world so his recommendation to Dr. Friel was testament enough for me.

I was apprehensive for my first visit to Philip Friel's Clinic. You get used to the one dentist and I felt my teeth were so bad and was embarrassed to have someone else looking in my mouth. However I needn't have worried. From the minute I stepped through the front door I was put at ease by Karyn and Siobhan. The surroundings and decor are calming giving a feeling of tranquillity.

Dr. Friel was amazing from my first visit onwards. At first I was only there to sort out my back teeth lower and upper. My plan detailed everything and I knew exactly what was going to happen over the coming months. A year or so later and my back teeth were perfect. I had my smile widened which took away from the prominence/overbite of my 6 front teeth and they were all perfect in size. Throughout the year I had root treatments, an extraction, crowns and a partial cobalt chrome partial fitted ( in the coming years I will get implants ) but for now I have a full set of top and bottom teeth. That's a first since my early 20's. Pain free sleeping is a real bonus.

I visited the clinic many times over the year and I actually got to like my visits. I always had a chat with Karyn and Siobhan who were great with me and they too could explain about different treatments. Root treatments and an extraction with Ross and Louise was virtually painless and I really dreaded that. Every time I was in the chair with Dr. Friel I felt very at ease and suffered virtually no pain. Kasia and Pam were a great comfort.

I was so pleased with my back teeth I decided to get Dr. Friel to draw up a plan for my 6 top front teeth which this time was more cosmetic work than my back teeth had been. Again I knew exactly what was going to be happening via my dental plan. I completed that treatment last week and the results are stunning. That was really painless and that work took about 4 weeks over 4 visits. The amazing thing is that my teeth look so natural and the changes were so gradual that it really doesn't look like I've had my "teeth done".

Thanks again to everyone at the clinic and I would highly recommend Phillip Friel Advanced Dentistry to anyone. I got a complete smile redesign which is more than I could have hoped for. Now at the age of 53 I can smile with complete confidence for the first time. Best wishes to you all for the future.

Mr GS age 28

I just wanted to drop you a quick note regarding my treatment which you are more than welcome to use although I am sure you are not short on compliments for your work!

After being referred to Phil from my own dentist and recommended as one of the best cosmetic dentists around, I was unsure as to how much difference there actually would be. I can safely say that I am delighted with the end result and Phil's team were all superb, from reception to hygienist to Phil himself and I would have absolutely no problem in recommending them to others and can certainly see a huge difference. I can understand now why I was referred here.

Female age 71)

Thank you very, very much for being such a competent, skilled dental nurse; you inspired me to trust you implicitly and made me nice and relaxed during the implant procedure.

Female age 55

I have just completed a year of treatment at Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry and am absolutely delighted with the results.

In March 2012, I had my first appointment with Philip to discuss straightening my bottom front teeth and replacing 20-year-old NHS bridge work.

From the start, I knew I was in excellent hands. Andrew McGregor, orthodontist with Philip Friel, fitted a brace to my lower teeth and within 8 months, I had straight bottom teeth for the first time in my life!

Meanwhile Philip started work on the upper front teeth. I had decided on 2 implants and 4 crowns rather than a replacement bridge.

Throughout all treatment, I received superb care and friendly, professional advice - all in very pleasant, state-of-the-art surroundings.

When I look at the “then and now” photos, I barely recognise myself and find myself smiling with new-found confidence.

Mrs CJ age 54

To say I was nervous about getting an implant is an understatement but walking around without a tooth did nothing for my confidence.

I have nothing but praise for Phil and his team. From my initial examination right through to my implant I was treated with care and understanding.

The day my implant work began I know I was in good hands. I also knew I was in control and could ask for a break at any time. Have to say I was surprised how well things went no pain whatsoever. Now I have my implant I can say that it has transformed my mouth, it’s just like a real tooth and I can eat anything I want.

I would like to thank Phil for all his care during my work and Kasia for holding my hand and for her reassurance. For the first time ever I don’t dread the dentist.

Mrs HM age 53

At the age of 53 I decided it was time to do something about a baby tooth - yes a baby tooth! The problem was it became 'wobbly' and I had to replace it with a bridge a decade earlier. This always annoyed me, as I have looked after my teeth, but this bridge just didn't match my other teeth and felt clumpy at the back.

On a personal recommendation of a good friend I headed to the West End and to see Dr Friel.

What can I say?

The patient experience was amazing - from start to finish.

Aside from being an extremely pleasant man, he's a highly professional, committed and focused clinician who knows his stuff.

And when it came to the decision to have an implant to resolve the issue I knew I was 100% in the right hands.

I'd set myself a time deadline of mid November to have it all done and dusted.

On November 1 - eight months virtually to the day we started - my final fitting was completed and I now have the most amazing non-implant looking implant!

I'm so pleased about the treatment and service I received.

Nothing was ever a problem and everyone in that clinic - receptionists, dental nurses and a couple of the other dentists who I had to see - are just so switched on and all made me feel nothing was ever a problem.

Thanks to Dr Friel and his amazing team!

I look forward to smiling wider and better than I ever imagined was possible.

Male age 53

I have been receiving outstanding reconstruction work from Philip's clinic for the past eighteen months. Initially my teeth were in a very weakened condition and have now undergone a total transformation, I am thrilled with the resulting outcome.

Firstly, I would like to commend and acknowledge his excellent team members:-

Ross Henderson for his deft, intricate and precise root canal work, executed brilliantly, with his steady and congenial manner.

Jill Clare for her superb white fillings, and her mastery in extracting a tricky impacted wisdom tooth- with immense care, she has a heart of gold.

Glen Frew, a great Ambassador of Dentistry, wonderful in a crisis , and is extremely kind .

Dental nurses Kasia, Louise and Pam for their; empathy, understanding, who cannot do enough to ease any discomfort, and are always ready with a reassuring arm.

Dental Hygienist Jennifer, for her pristine thoroughness, recommendations ,and cheery disposition.

Siobhan, Karyn and Carly, always with a welcoming smile , who are accommodating and professional at all times. They create a great first impression and give continual ongoing friendly advice if required.

Last and most importantly of all , Philip's Friel himself has amazing dexterity, skill and artistry when fitting crowns for me. He makes well- calculated decisions without ever compromising his Professional reputation. His knowledge is phenomenal, he instills confidence , exudes calm, pays fine attention to detail and is always focused. His teamwork and overseeing of my treatment was second to none. He ensures his clinic has a lovely relaxing ambience and is beautifully appointed, with immaculate state of the art equipment.

Not only is he a fantastic credit to his profession, he has totally restored my faith in all dental matters. I cannot wish enough continued success and good things to a more deserved and genuine person.

With my sincere and grateful thanks.

Mrs AB age 51

My teeth were in very poor health and for several years I had been attending my previous dentist, three times a year for check-ups to try to hold on to my teeth as long as possible. By the time I met Philip's I had been losing a tooth from my upper arch every six months or so over a period of two years.

My teeth were very sensitive, badly discoloured and my gum line receding greatly. One of my front top teeth had started to move and was now noticeably lower than its counterpart; also movement had started on another tooth. I was aware I would lose my teeth quite quickly and was very distressed by this.

My occupation as a Customer Service Manager involves dealing regularly with the public and delivering training workshops to my 150-strong staff; therefore speaking is a great part of my job role. Due to the dreadful state of my teeth I became very self-conscious and couldn’t perform as confidently as I had previously. I also had to be very careful of what I ate so as not to put any further strain on my teeth. I explained to Philip's my adverse feelings about having to wear dentures and asked about alternative treatments. He discussed various options open to me, detailing the treatment involved, the probable long-term outcomes and the cost of each treatment. I opted to have implant treatment for my whole upper arch - a treatment I had never heard of before. Philip's gave me lots of literature on Dental Implants and patiently explained in laymans terms the whole procedure. Due to my fear of the unknown, Philip's gently talked me through each step he was taking during my operation, which helped me focus on what was happening and not letting my imagination fuel my fear.

My post-operative care was also excellent, with Philip's giving me his private mobile phone number to call him at any time if I was concerned in any way. He even phoned me on the Saturday evening of my operation to check I was OK and to re-iterate he was available any time if I needed him.

The one concern I had after my operation was that when my new teeth were attached to the implants they would be perfect, pure white teeth that would look completely at odds with my mature years. However, Philip's having taken heed of my wishes, had an arch made to look as natural as possible for someone of my years.

I can’t express the difference this treatment has made to me in my confidence and also in my ability to enjoy normal eating functions after so many years. I even find myself smiling much more and the worry and stress of the appearance of my teeth, a thing of the past.

Philip's continues to support me through regular check-ups and makes such a relaxed atmosphere in his surgery that you feel able to ask him anything regarding dental worries without feeling silly or intimidated.

Also the one thing I did learn through this experience, which greatly amused me, was the fact that someone could get so excited and passionate about this type of work. He really is a credit to his profession.

Mr IHM age 49

Dr Friel is currently finalising a dental implant therapy whereby two missing teeth in my lower jaw have been replaced by implants. This process has taken some months and I have been impressed with Dr Friel’s professionalism and friendly, relaxed demeanour since our initial consultation.

Mrs JGR age 60

I contacted Dr Friel some months ago as I was keen to have an implant to deal with a gap in my teeth where I had a tooth removed when in my teens.

I had a bridge fitted in this gap but it had never been entirely satisfactory and I wanted to deal with the problem in a way that would be as much as possible like my original tooth. The treatment involved enlarging the space to allow for the implanted tooth and some bone grafting.

The whole experience was totally pain free and very straightforward and the result excellent.

Mr JSM age 51

For over 30 years I have avoided smiling too much thanks to a school playground fight and subsequent loss of a front tooth. This and a general neglect over the years left me very doubtful about offering a grin to camera.

Dentists were not my favourite profession and in a job which involves a lot of public work, this problem became more and more troublesome. Philip Friel was the first dentist I had encountered who undertook a comprehensive overhaul of my smile and forward assessment of my dental prospects. He sought to correct some bad dentistry I had encountered over the years and took a very positive approach to what was possible. More importantly, he assessed the likely outcome to my bite and teeth generally if I continued as I was, and the prospect was not comforting. Philip laid out a programme of treatment which involved a number of different aspects, from root treatments to new crowns, and which now offers me the opportunity to maximise my natural smile and bite for as long as possible. He stopped the rot of bad treatment in the past and produced a workable solution for me. Most importantly, Philip introduced me to the idea of dental implants and successfully carried out three implants. For the first time in over thirty years I have a natural smile that looks right, which isn’t liable to chafe or slip or fall out or look false. All carried out efficiently and professionally and with good provision of reasons and descriptions along the way.

Mr KLM age 56

Over a period of time there had been problems with one of the teeth in my upper jaw. There had been various attempts by different dentists to mend this tooth, with the final move of a crown being provided

There was too little of the original tooth left, however and the crown broke in early autumn last year. This left a gap in my teeth which frequently made me feel self-conscious and uncomfortable, very aware of a gap - and with the problem of food becoming lodged in the space, which was uncomfortable and difficult to deal with inconspicuously when in others company. I was referred to Dr Friel by my own dentist, who had suggested an implant (which he did not feel qualified to carry out) was a good solution to my missing tooth. I found that you were very clear and detailed in the explanations, which you gave about the treatment; that you answered my questions patiently and sympathetically. I was particularly pleased that when you mentioned that bone was used to reinforce that root, that you were immediately clear that, as I am a vegetarian, you would salvage some of my own bone to use. No teasing! (not always the experience I have had in relation to my views on what I eat).I felt very confident in your care – I’m sure helped by your readiness to explain so clearly what was being done - and since my implant was completed I have escaped from the self-consciousness I had been experiencing. Your high standard of care and approachable manner put the whole experience on a higher plain than my impression of the dental care I have received (both in private and NHS practice) in recent years. Thank you.

Mrs MC age 62

I lost my teeth when I was in my late 30s and was never comfortable wearing dentures. I rarely smiled, as I was self-conscious of my dentures looking false.

As I am a vegetarian who enjoys healthy eating I had trouble eating certain foods such as some breads, fruits, nuts and pulses, this problem restricted my choices when I was eating out. It was a major decision for me to go through with the treatment for implants. Dr Friel put my mind at ease by explaining from start to finish the procedure, any potential complications and what post treatment I would need to receive. He explained this in a jargon free way, which helped me to talk to my family, who were uncertain and worried about dental treatment that seemed pretty complicated and almost like a major operation. Immediately after my treatment when I returned home I received a phone call from Dr Friel to see how I was feeling, which reassured me very much. Post operation I was in a little discomfort, which lasted around seven weeks, but by following the advice given by Dr Friel I have had no further problems and it has been a great success. I have no regrets and psychologically feel more confident and assertive when speaking and eating. My daughter mentioned this year that I looked different in the holiday photos, happier and younger looking, which I was pleased to hear. I have also been asked if my teeth are my own - of course I say yes! I can now eat foods that previously I couldn’t, which is wonderful when in restaurants. Although at times it was a lengthy process, I would advise anyone who feels self-conscious about wearing dentures to consider implants as an alternative. I received first class information, treatment and post-operative care, which have made a huge difference to my way of life.

Mrs RF age 50

Following several years of unsatisfactory, expensive, dental treatment, which was well known to several of my friends and work colleagues, it was finally suggested to me that I consult with Dr Friel which I did at the beginning of 2006.

Dr Friel very quickly identified many of the problems which had been issues for me over the years, in particular, the increasing loss of teeth as well as two teeth which had been crowned several times by previous dentists, which crowns simply came out again 3-4 weeks after being put in. This whole scenario was becoming quite distressing to me (not to mention expensive) with the prospect of ultimately having to wear a denture, being the biggest cause for concern.

Following my initial consultation where I felt very confident, for the first time in many years, that he would be able to come up with the best solution for me and, of course, avoiding the dreaded denture. We agreed that he would prepare a letter detailing the issues, treatment, prognosis and costs, which he did within the week and following another consultation to discuss any questions, fears or concerns arising from the letter, we agreed a timescale for commencing treatment.

From the planning stage, we progressed to the actual dental work and Dr Friel carried out several root canal treatments over the next few weeks followed by an appointment to have the implant surgery performed. In total, I believe I have had 5 implants and several crowns replaced. I shall be eternally grateful that this was not as traumatic as I had imagined it would be. I recovered very quickly from this and around 6 months later, I returned to Dr Friel to have the final crowns fitted over the implants.

This treatment has made a tremendous difference to me. I no longer have the fear or distress of losing those crowns every month or so and I can also look ahead confidently knowing that Dr Friel is keeping an eye on the remainder of my teeth. A major confidence boost for me is the knowledge that I will never require to wear a denture!

I have recommended Dr Friel to many of my friends and family, all of whom are taking advantage and reaping the benefit of my very positive experience with him.

Mrs EHC age 60

I had a small upper denture since the age of 18 then about eight years ago, I needed a full upper denture. Never really, coming to terms with this full denture and breaking it a couple of times, dental implants were proposed and I agreed to them.

Six months on with my implants, I feel a new confidence and wish I had it done years ago. Before becoming a patient of Dr Friel, I was afraid of dentists due to past experiences. Since becoming one of his patients I have had root canal treatment, the usual check ups cleaning and fillings, he has also extracted an impacted wisdom tooth without so much as a bruise. I have complete confidence in him and his abilities.

Mr AJMcD age 39

Made to feel as though a very individual case again a magnificent feat for a very busy practitioner. Personally, very surprised to be stopped in a busy street by Dr Friel (out on his lunch break) to ask how I was keeping. Again, ability to make a patient feel valued and part of a practice. Confidence gain was as Dr Friel predicted and outcome exceeded expectation.

Mrs FMR age 59

I am delighted with all the work Dr Friel has done. All the treatments he has carried out have been painless and conducted in the most professional manner, with great charm.

Mr RM age 39

I have been a professional footballer for 20 years and suffered a severe blow to the mouth after an accidental tackle, causing me to instantaneously loose my two front teeth.

The incident occurred on a Saturday evening and being very anxious and in a lot of physical pain, I wanted to seek dental treatment immediately. Dr Friel was recommended to me by a friend and after speaking with him late on the Saturday evening, he made arrangements to see me first thing on the Sunday morning. I was immediately impressed by his willingness to see me out with practice hours. At this time, I was in a great deal of pain and very concerned about the outcome - I had always taken great care of my teeth and felt very anxious at the thought of possibly no longer having what I considered to be a nice smile. After this first meeting with Dr Friel, I was immediately put at ease and left feeling confident that the problem, although serious, could be fixed. My treatment spanned over a 15-month period. Throughout this time, the treatment I received from Dr Friel was of the absolute highest standard. From the outset, I felt confident in what was going to be achieved, as each part of the treatment was thoroughly explained to me. Being a very complex treatment, there was obviously pain involved, but I really did feel that this was kept to an absolute minimum. Dr Friel’s attention to detail and his patience continually impressed me throughout treatment. My treatment was finalised two weeks ago with my two new teeth being put in and I am absolutely delighted with the result. The shape and shade of each new tooth has exceeded my expectations and the overall effect has restored my confidence. I would highly recommend Dr Friel not only to friends, but also to other professional sportsmen.

Mrs SM age 57

Since the age of 13 I’ve had to wear a partial denture, which I hated, both for functional and cosmetic reasons. I never felt comfortable smiling and I am a person who loves to smile. I would also like to add that my primary history of dentists was a fairly negative experience, both due to their dental skills and chair side manner.

I first visited Dr Friel because I wanted quick treatment for a broken tooth, I knew this was a private practice, therefore wouldn’t have long to wait. I had never been to this practice before or met Dr Friel. The first thing that struck me on entering his surgery was, his friendly engaging manner, he was also extremely confident, completely relaxed and had a beautiful smile. I immediately felt safe, relaxed open and able to communicate. While examining my broken tooth, Dr Friel gave me a full dental examination asked me if I’d like to get rid of the denture. I was totally taken aback, one because I didn’t know it was a possibility and two he made it sound as if it was the easiest thing in the world. To me it sounded like a miracle.

I was actually terrified to have this work done but after Dr Friel explained the whole procedure in detail and reassured me, I went ahead with it. The work was long and complex; requiring a total upper reconstruction, i.e. several dental implants, bone grafting, sinus lift and several crowns. Lower work was also carried out, to complete the whole effect.

But I would like to say that neither the education about dental implants or the reassurance from Dr Friel were the deciding factors in having the work done. What gave me the courage to have this done was, that I sensed from Dr Friel, his complete and total confidence in himself and his abilities. I knew from this that everything would be exactly as he said, and it was.

Another very pertinent factor was, that at no time was there any pressure on me to do this, and it was merely offered as a service to me - and as a very appealing option.

I am so glad I walked into the surgery that day. I now have a beautiful smile and rid of the horrible denture. I feel so much better in every way, both from a functional sense and cosmetically, all these factors contribute to ones self esteem and quality of life. I can truthfully say that I would never have had the courage to go through with the procedure, or allow anyone to do it.

It all happened because of Dr Friel’s manner, which encapsulated his confidence and expertise coupled with his down to earth and friendly approach, his ability to see and offer you what you would probably love but maybe couldn’t perceive of never mind verbalise; all of which he imparted to me on that first visit to his surgery. I would describe Dr Friels standard of practice as excellent!

Mrs EFK age 64

Philip Friel is committed to excellence in his profession. He attends to the development of new materials and techniques, as evidenced by his being invited to give papers at prestigious international conferences. It is very reassuring for his patients to know that they are benefiting from treatment that is based on the best research available.

This professional interest extends to Phil’s concern for his patients’ health and wellbeing. I have had dental problems since I was a child - endless fillings and extractions, abcesses, and unattractive teeth. I can honestly say that, from the moment I registered as Phil’s patient, I had what might be called a new lease of mouth! Phil gave me a meticulous appraisal of the current and future state of my teeth. Some time later, we discussed the possibility of a programme of implants and veneers. I received a detailed and unambiguous costing, ranging from Option 1 - do nothing, cost nothing - through a selection of improvements to a full re-working of the lower row. At no stage was I under pressure to opt for the most expensive treatment.

All my questions and anxieties were met with clear explanations and with sympathetic attention. This was my experience throughout the programme of implants and veneers. I appreciated it before the treatment, during the overall period and during the actual work, and subsequently, both in terms of aftercare and in terms of accessibility should there be queries.

I have complete confidence in Philip Friel’s dental knowledge and skills. Also, it is important to me to know that he sees strictly dental matters as inseparable from social and personal issues. I feel much happier with my appearance when I laugh and smile, and the improvement has been noticed with approval by my most ruthlessly honest pals! Also, it is wonderful to know that I won‘t be sipping gruel when my dinner pals are enjoying pork crackling. Indeed, it was great to realise that dentist and patient shared an interest in good food!

Mr DMcG age 51

Having had long term ongoing issues with my teeth for a great many years, I was referred to Dr Friel by my own dentist. After having had previous courses of treatment and eventually a bridge fitted to the top half of my mouth. Through the passage of time this proved not to be the long term fix I was promised it would be.

After a series of reparatory works and the eventual fitting of a dental plate I approached Dr Friel with a certain amount of trepidation.

He recommended surgery and implants as a long term solution to my problems. There followed a course of treatment to prepare my mouth for the implants and surrounding bridge work. The change to my life has been overwhelming after years of suffering constant discomfort and issues with my teeth. My overall dentist experience has been of total and utter professionalism and even although the cost has been quite substantial I am delighted with the outcome. I am now able to enjoy a steak and crunch an apple both of which would have been previously out of the question. Overall, my experience has been very positive with pleasant hygienic surroundings, friendly professional people and more than a satisfactory outcome.

Mrs EM

I am delighted with all the work Dr Philip Friel has done - I cant stop smiling.

After years of problems with crowns/bridges I decide to go down the implant route. All the treatments he has carried out have been done with great care and in the most professional manner. Would recommend to anyone needing this dental work. Kasia Zawada, Philip’s Dental Implant Nurse was also brilliant.

Mr FR age 68

An evaluation of a service depends upon two factors: the quality of the final product, and how the difficulties which had to be overcome in achieving this product were handled. On both these counts Philip Friel’s practice scores very highly. Forty-four years after losing my three front teeth, I now am able to eat food as I could when I was a teenager; the two implants and the bridge connecting them feel as natural as they did when I was 18.

This long time gap presented implant dentists I consulted in Edinburgh with nearly insurmountable difficulties as the bone had receded and grafts were needed: they all advised me to stick with the metal three-tooth bridge which was fixed to my canines and an adjoining tooth, They quoted very high costs for the implant and bone graft surgery, which would need to be done at a clinic. Dr Friel quoted a more competitive price and was able to carry out all the work himself in an Edinburgh surgery.

A further difficulty arose as my original teeth had not been duplicated by the existing three-tooth bridge. The new crowns fitted to the implants and the three other teeth, which had supported the original bridge, needed considerable adjustment in order for them to interact naturally with the other teeth. These adjustments required three more twenty minute visits.

In addition to the professional standards of both Dr Friel and his very capable assistant Kasia Zawada, all concerned with the practice both in Edinburgh and Glasgow treat everyone with extreme courtesy and concern and are always ready with a genuine smile.

Mrs AD age 66

Dr Philip Friel is an outstanding practitioner, an unbridled enthusiast and optimist, and an utterly delightful person in whom one can have absolute confidence; he is well deserving of the many awards and accolades he has received, both at Scottish and national levels.

Despite setbacks, none of which occasioned by him, during my complicated, implant treatment, he continued to treat me with infinite patience, perseverance and genuine kindness. His approach has always been unhurried, calm and precise.

Before the treatment commenced, I received a detailed treatment plan with a precise costing, rather than the more commonly given estimate. It was particularly reassuring to be given Dr Friel’s mobile phone number with instructions to contact him, should I experience any post-treatment problems; following each surgical procedure, I had a phone call from the practice checking on how I was feeling. Such attention to detail, does make a real difference to the overall, patient experience.

Dr Friel’s dental implant nurse, Kasia, has been a constant support; her friendliness and empathy have been a real comfort blanket, as I am definitely not the bravest or calmest of patients, following a lifetime of dental complications, too numerous to mention.

The finished result is aesthetically very pleasing and an awe inspiring piece of precision engineering. It has certainly taken time and there have been difficulties along the way, however, thanks to the sheer professionalism and perseverance of Phil, I am delighted to say, mission duly accomplished. Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry is a dynamic practice, using state of the art technology and the very latest techniques and materials, but for me, it is the genuinely warm and friendly atmosphere and the emphasis on treating people as individuals, in addition to the high quality dental care, that sets it apart from others. I cannot recommend Philip Friel highly enough, and sincerely thank everyone involved in my treatment.

Mrs SW age 69

Some time ago I broke a tooth and since it was visible, I went to Philip Friel to see what treatments would be available. The initial consultation involved an examination of the tooth, then Phil took a considerable amount of time to explain the various options, what each involved and the costs of each. I went away home with a sheet of paper showing in layman's terms diagrams of crowns, bridges and implants. Subsequent visits involved x-rays, discussions, explanations, question and answer chats until I had made up my mind that I definitely wanted to go with an implant; and by the time I had made my decision I knew so much about the procedure and what it involved that I was nearly qualified to do the job myself!!!

The 2 hour appointment to have the tooth extracted and the implant inserted duly arrived and although I was very apprehensive, Kasia was extremely kind and understanding and put me at my ease. I was gowned up, as was Phil and Kasia and off we went. I had a local anaesthetic and while I could feel the tooth being extracted and heard the drilling, at no point in the whole procedure did I feel pain, and indeed just over an hour after my appointment started I was driving home on my own feeling very relieved.

There is a requisite 6 month wait before the false tooth can be inserted but it was worth the wait because the day I got it, it instantly felt so natural and normal and looked so real. I am a complimentary health practitioner and I know that a badly fitting false tooth can give all sorts of problems, headaches, jaw pain, grinding, to name but a few. However my new tooth is fantastic and all the time spent making sure the tooth is perfect has paid off and I am absolutely delighted with the result.

I was listening to Alan Carr, the chatty man, giving an interview on the radio and he was complaining to the interviewer that he had just had an implant done and was in agony and hadn't slept for several nights. If only he had gone to Philip Friel!!!!

I genuinely am absolutely thrilled with the result, you did a great job so a million thanks!

Mrs GS age 55

I would like to recommend Phil and his outstanding team to everyone. My smile has been restored as a result of the work carried out at the surgery. After many years of having no confidence when smiling or eating, I visited several dental practices to discuss the possibilities of having Implant surgery and I decided that Phil was the man for the job! Over the years I had encountered many negative experiences with various dentists; this having left me with a fear of dental treatment and a dread of dental surgeries in general. On my initial visit to Phil, this perception of dentists changed. From the outset, I felt an immediate rapport and trust in him due to his warm, courteous manner, confidence and optimism. His manner was very professional and down to earth, instilling confidence and this optimism in me also. I left his surgery feeling uplifted, knowing that he could do the necessary work and feeling that I was in very capable hands.

I was not to be disappointed! After a long journey, as a total restructuring was required, I am delighted with the end result. My teeth are both aesthetically and functionally pleasing. I smile and eat now with complete confidence. Phil and his dental nurse, kasia, worked very patiently and meticulously to achieve the best result possible. They both put me at complete ease and I cannot believe that I am actually saying that I found my dental treatment to be a very enjoyable experience. You just know that Phil will very calmly and competently deal with any problem, no matter how difficult and seemingly impossible, that may arise. His combination of patience and dexterity never ceased to amaze me. Kasia can only be described as an angel who shows genuine concern and empathy. She is very warm and is the perfect complement to Phil; what a team!

I also want to mention receptionists, Siobhan and Karyn, who put me at ease from the minute I entered the surgery. Both show a genuine interest in the patients and many a laugh I have shared with them both whilst awaiting very invasive surgery. I would also like to mention Craig, the technician who treated me as an individual and went to great lengths to ensure my teeth were no less than perfect.

I look forward to my quarterly check ups, meeting up with the team and always leaving feeling very uplifted and positive. The whole experience has been a positive one where my smile has been restored in every sense of the word. I would gladly recommend Phil to anyone requiring treatment as he is certainly: 'The Gold Standard in Dentistry.

Mr LMcC age 27

As a result of a missing tooth and subsequent orthodontic work to align my teeth I required cosmetic dental work to fill the resultant gap. Having gone through a lengthy period of preparatory orthodontic work I was determined to ensure that the final cosmetic work was completed to a high standard. Philip Friel was recommended to me and, from the results, I am very happy that I went with that recommendation.

Prior to any treatment Philip clearly explained and discussed all options with me. I had initially thought that a dental implant might be my only option but, following discussion, opted for a zirconia adhesive bridge as the least invasive option. I am very pleased with the end result.

A great deal of care was taken in preparation, using wax ups to show what the final result would look like. The final work both from a natural look and colour match perspective is more than I could have wished for.

All the staff at the practice were very helpful and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Philip Friel to anyone requiring dental work undertaken to a high standard.

Mrs SI age 49

Having broken my front teeth as child, I made the decision after 30 years to replace both my crowns. The process was lengthy, but each step was well explained. All the treatment was carried out in a highly professional manner, by Philip and Kazia. The end result was beyond my expectations. The two implants are amazing - the colours, shapes, texture and relationship to the gum line are amazing. Well worth the time and the investment.

Excellent, professional treatment at all times by all staff.

Mr IS age 82

I write to express my thanks to you, personally - and to your support staff in general - for taking me forward in such a highly professional fashion to the completion of my implant surgery - and provision of the milled upper arch denture.

I really am delighted with the satisfactory outcome to my implant treatment and would ask you to accept my gratitude for all that you have achieved in this regard. At ever stage, you kept me fully informed and the surgery itself was accomplished with the level of skill and dedication that I knew to be your hallmark. The results of your combined efforts are manifestly apparent and have been remarked upon extremely favourably.

I have written separately to Jonathan Hiscocks in similar vein.

Mr JK age 67

I started with Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry in January 2013 for regular dental treatment and then to have a couple of implants which were very successful. All the staff are very friendly, relaxed, efficient and professional. The premises are welcoming and modern. The best dental practice ever!

Mr IMcC age 68

On my first visit everyone I met in the practice was very welcoming and friendly and made me feel relaxed. The various treatment options were explained to me in a very clear and easily understood way and a detailed and costed treatment plan was prepared for my approval. I immediately felt very confident in his ability to provide an excellent service and subsequent visits confirmed this.

Dr. Friel is extremely thorough and highly skilled, a perfectionist who is not satisfied until he has achieved the best possible outcome for his patient.

Thanks again for your fine work.

Mrs LMcK age 43

A massive thank you to Philip Friel and his outstanding team.

For 20 years I had problems with a crown and have seen many dentists throughout the UK with none providing a solution.

Then I relocated to Glasgow and registered with Philip Friel.

Wow……… beyond the exceptional professional treatment and care at general appointments, Philip Friel provided me with options to address my problem crown. I decided to explore the implant option and the stages of the procedure were explained with great clarity. The surgery was not painful at all and the experience was all the better for the support of the dental team. The aftercare was outstanding.

I am now one very, very happy woman. The 2 implants I have are fabulous. They look amazing, are stronger than original teeth. Wish I had done this years before.

Mrs CD age 72 - Testimonial 1

After five years I have just bitten into an apple. I chewed it and swallowed it. It was wonderful!!You are probably wondering what this has to do with the dentist, but this is no ordinary dentist. I lost my teeth after an illness and after five years of six relines and very badly fitting dentures I now have teeth. It is all down to Philip Friel and his amazing team I chose to have implant surgery on my whole mouth after reading all the reviews about his work.. I travelled once a month to see him, this involved one hour on a ferry, one hour on a train and finally twenty minutes in a taxi. I received a warm welcome from the team at every visit, and nothing was too much trouble. Phil is so kind and professional and explained everything in great detail. I felt comfortable at every stage and very confident of the final outcome. I cannot thank him enough as he has changed my life .No longer do I have to put my hand over my mouth all the time to stop my dentures falling out, no longer turning down invitations to go out to dine with friends. I can now smile, laugh and eat with the best of them. Philip Friel thank you.

Mrs CD age 72 - Testimonial 2

Just to say that I was quite overwhelmed today after having my teeth fitted. Thank you sounds so inadequate after all the work you have done for me, and you have changed my life so much. Your family must be so proud of you and the work you do. Once again I thank you so much and also Kasia as she has been so kind and helpful to me. Siobhan and Karyn are so friendly and welcoming and seem to have a genuine interest in the clients. All in all you have made me and my family very happy. You have a wonderful team there and long may it continue.

MR TS age 69 Years

I have recently completed a programme of dental surgery undertaken by Philip Friel at the Hyndland Dental Clinic in Glasgow.

I lost my front teeth many years ago in a sporting accident and have long history of dentures and various bridge arrangements. In the recent years this became somewhat unsatisfactory and I sought some advice from Phil who had been looking after my wife’s dental health.

After some scans and detailed assessments Phil presented a number of options. I chose to undertake extensive reconstruction on my upper front teeth including extractions and implants. This involved a planned programme of treatment over a period of about 12 months. The interventions required and the cost of each stage of treatment was fully explained at the outset.

The outcome of this dental surgery has been transformational for me. My teeth now look entirely natural and are stronger and more stable than they have been in many years.

The skill, professionalism and shear talent of Phil Friel is of the highest order and I have a high regard for his team at Hyndland especially Dental Nurse, Kasia Zawada, who supported my treatment.

I have no hesitation in recommending Philip Friel and his excellent team at the Hyndland Dental Clinic.

Mr DM age 58

From the initial visit, Glen discussed a phased & detailed treatment plan to ensure my teeth were improved & restored over a number of visits. The latest treatment yesterday was carried out carefully & with painstaking attention to detail, providing excellent results & reflecting quality & value. The experience & friendly care provided by all of the staff in the practice, together with the latest diagnostic technology available is leading-edge & can only serve to drive higher quality standards.

An excellent care experience over time & an unqualified recommendation

Mrs NC age 80

I am 80 years old and I have worn denture for the last 55 years. For the first 30 of those years I was problem free, wearing dentures was just not an issue however around 25 years ago I had a bad experience with my gum after which I suffered daily with a painful lower jaw. Denture were made by a few dentists and in fact technicians, they were adjusted, remade and tweaked without success. I learnt to live with the discomfort and in fact with poor fitting dentures.

Last year I needed new denture and was concerned about the whole process of trying to get something that fitted well and did not make the jaw pain any worse.

A friend recommended Philip Friel (advanced dentistry) and I decided to meet Philip and tell him my problems and concern. On our first meeting I immediately felt at ease and had a confidence that Philip would work to try and provide me with something that I was comfortable with. Options were discussed, covering the simple approach to the more advanced, and sensibly Philip suggested we take it one step at a time.

To try and reduce the painful gum Philip suggested he use soft tissue on the denture and I was happy to try this. I never for one moment thought that after all these years I could expect to be without pain, but to my delight that is exactly what happened and in fact from the first fitting.

It would be wrong however to suggest that the first fitting was perfect; while the pain was gone the dentures and the ‘bite’ was not to Philips standards and he was diligent and determined to ensure that I had the best fit he could possibly provide.

Over a period of around 8 months he would examine every tiny detail ensuring the best outcome. To say Philip is a perfectionist is an understatement: he ensured I was treated with complete respect, offering me dental care I had not until this time experienced.

Thanks to his care, attention and professionalism I now have well fitted dentures, a great smile and no pain.

I recommend Philip to anyone who needs dentures and moreover to anyone with any dental issues who perhaps needs that extra care and professionalism.

Thanks you Philip.

Mrs LD age 49

After an accident I badly damaged my front tooth. My own dentist, who would not normally recommend another dentist, had no hesitation in referring me to Philip Friel as he was known for his skill in implant dentistry. After discussing my options with Phil I opted for a dental implant. I am delighted with the result and it has exceeded my expectations. The level of care and professionalism I received was exemplary, not only from Phil but all the staff at the practice.

Mr GB aged 70

I couldn't smile confidently or eat without issues for many years. I now have a full set of teeth that look and feel as good as the real thing after Philip's implant work.

A life changing experience

Mr KD Age 38

Having had a number of fillings, crowns and several general dental appointments and a mouthguard I have found the standard of treatment, professionalism and friendliness at the surgery of the highest standard.

The atmosphere at the practice is relaxing and with the confidence and pleasant manner demonstrated by the whole team here you'll find it puts you at ease.

If you want cosmetic work done I found the process I experienced extremely thorough, the materials used are excellent and the final results surpassed what I expected. The crowns look like real teeth and blend perfectly with my original teeth in my view. I have been very impressed by the clinic and the results delivered.