Gallery ยป Smile Makeovers

This patient - in early 50s - was referred to the clinic to address a number of issues in the mouth.

The teeth were generally stable and had been well maintained for many years, but there were a number of issues that the patient wished to be addressed.

On presentation, the main issues were missing teeth with resulting bone loss, an imbalanced, over closed bite, a narrow upper arch with a wish to improve the look of the smile together with the function of the mouth.

In addition, there was over eruption of some of the back teeth, misaligned upper front teeth with one upper central incisor being narrower than the other.

In rehabilitation cases such as these, it is essential to include all of the presenting issues, as detailed above, in the treatment plan, to ensure a successful outcome.

Following full planning, work was undertaken initially at the back of the mouth. New crowns were provided for the upper back teeth to improve the stability and alignment of these teeth, allowing the widening of the arch in this area.

In conjunction with this work, lower milled crowns were provided to retain a new lower chrome denture. All of this allowed the correction of the over closed bite following the previous loss of back teeth.

All of this work at the back of the mouth was installed as a temporary set up to ensure patient comfort and aceptance of the new tooth position before converting this gradually to permanent crowns.

Finally, given the patient satisfaction with the work towards the back of the mouth, the lower front teeth were whitened, and new ceramic work was placed on the upper front teeth to correct the malposition and alignment of teeth, thus restoring the smile.

This new ceramic work was planned using a diagnostic wax up , following discussions with the dental technician, patient and dentist.

The proposed new tooth set up was again transferred to the mouth temporarily for the patient to ensure satisfaction before construction of the final ceramic restorations of crowns and veneers.

In time, there is the option to replace the lower denture with implants for a fixed solution.

The patient was very happy with the final result both in terms of the look, function but importantly the ease with which the restorations could be maintained using straightforward oral hygiene measures.

Real Patient Smiles

This was a 66 year-old male patient whose dentition was severely compromised by years of neglect. We carried out treatment which included immediately loaded ‘all on four’ implant reconstruction. The x-ray images give you a snapshot of how the patient’s mouth looked before treatment and after the implant surgery had been carried out.