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This 60 year old patient was referred to the clinic by his general dental practitioner regarding his upper right lateral incisor tooth. This tooth had been previously root treated, apicected and was failing, requiring extraction.

The tooth was removed and the area temporised with a small denture to allow adequate healing of the bone. An implant was placed with bone grafting and restored with a screw retained implant crown to complete the case.

The patient later wrote: "I have been very happy with the outcome of my recent restorative dental work performed by Philip Friel."

"One had to be patient because the treatment process took many months, this being necessary to allow the implant material to stabilise in a sterile environment."

"I now have a pleasing implant in place of an unstable and unsightly crown. The dental practice appeared very modern with up to date technology, including a CT scanner."

Patient - female

This female patient presented having lost her upper left central incisor tooth. Following root treatment and restoration with a post retained crown some years earlier, the tooth root fractured and required extraction. Following this the patient was provided with a single tooth upper denture. The patient reported that whilst managing to tolerate this, she disliked its movement in function and the effect it had on the taste of her foods. A single implant was used with some small amounts of bone grafting allowing a single screw retained crown to be used to restore the area with a fixed single implant crown solution.

Patient - female, 62

This 62 year old patient presented to the clinic having been dissatisfied for many years with the look of the crown on her upper left central incisor tooth.

This tooth had been traumatically damaged many years earlier, requiring root treatment and a crown.

Despite many attempts the patient was dissatisfied with the aesthetics of the tooth.

Planning for success is essential in cases such as this. X ray examination showed that the tooth structure was infected and had a poor prognosis and required extraction.

Following a traumatic extraction, the tooth socket was cleansed and socket preservation bone grafting was carried out allowing implant placement, abutment and definitive crown manufacture. This was accomplished using some chair side technician appointments to ensure the perfect match.

The patient was delighted with the final result as her testimonial demonstrates.

After many years of various surgeries at varying dentistry practices (one in the US!), you have finally succeeded in giving me a tooth that is unrecognisable from its neighbours!!!

The treatment I received from yourself was second to none. Not forgetting Kasia and Siobhan and Karyn on reception, the whole experience was totally professional and made bearable (if that’s the correct word) by the relaxed atmosphere from the minute I entered the door of your Practice. It was great from my point of view to at last have a Dentist with whom I could discuss issues in a relaxed manner.

Many thanks once again - and looking forward to seeing everyone when I come in for my check-up.

(I can’t believe I’m looking forward to visiting the Dentist!!!)