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Questions to ask when searching for a private dentist close to Paisley

As you search for a private dentist close to your Paisley home or work place, you will find a range of services and treatments on offer, all of which can be confusing – time to start asking questions…

What services and treatment do you offer?

n the first instance, you may only be looking for preventative care – the traditional and customary dental check-up – but, in the future, you may consider dental implants, crowns and such like; these are known as cosmetic dentistry treatments and not all dental practices offer them. If you think this is something of interest, check out the range of treatments and plans on offer.

When are you ‘open’?

The range of appointment options is important for many patients, simply because we are all leading busy lives. Balancing home, school and work can make for a hectic day and ‘fitting in’ dental visits can be almost impossible! Look for a private dentist in Paisley who offers both day and evening appointments, as well as the possibility of Saturday morning clinics too.

I am not too keen on visiting the dentist; how can you help me?

With a reported 25% of the population admitting they do not like visiting the dentist, and a further 10% harbouring a paralysing fear, many forward thinking dental practices offer an approach that empathises and recognises these fears. Ask the private dentist in Paisley, and their team, what help they can give you.

What questions will you ask your private dentist in Paisley?