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Opting for a private dentist near Irvine – how to select the right dental practice?

If you are on the search for a private dentist near Irvine, you will soon appreciate how many clinics there are… along with all their marketing speak of what they can offer you.

Selecting a private dentist should not be process fraught with pitfalls but, what questions do you need to ask to get the best for you…?

Do you cater for nervous of phobic patients?

Not everyone enjoys a visit to the dentist. Some people don’t mind it but, a quarter of the population have a fear of sitting in the dentist chair, with around 10% of the population hiding a very real phobia of the dentist.
If you unsure, or have a deep-seated fear of the dentist, ask this question!

When can I make an appointment?

For many patients, finding the time to visit a private dentists in Irvine is a difficult process thus, having a range of appointment options is important. Do they have a Saturday morning clinic, for example? Or do have an evening clinic?

What dental treatments do you offer?

It may be that you want some kind of treatment now but, you also need to think ahead. In the future, is teeth whitening an option? Or maybe you would like dental implants and so on?

Asking questions and assessing the answers is THE best way of accessing the best private dentist near Irvine; what other questions will you ask?