Private Dentist Glasgow

Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry

Getting treatment for your teeth can seem confusing, littered with pitfalls and problem but NOT when you find the right private dentist in Glasgow. But how do you do that? What questions do you ask…?

Q. What treatments do you offer?

Knowing that your chosen dental practice can offer you a wide range of treatments is important. For some people, it may be that they are looking for cosmetic dentistry or, for others, they are looking for dental care in the long term. Knowing that the dentist and their team can offer a range of services and treatments is important.

Q. Can I make appointments convenient for me?

There have been many changes in the dentistry world and one is the offering of appointments outside of ‘working’ and ‘school’ hours. Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry  offers appointments till 6pm on most days, and up to 8pm on some occasions as well as appointments, by arrangement, on Saturday mornings so that our clients have plenty of choice.

Q. Does the private dentist in Glasgow accommodate dental phobias or anxieties?

Like many other kinds of phobias and anxieties, people with a fear or nervousness about the dentist or dental treatment need to be treated with empathy, kindness and sensitivity. We offer comfortable surroundings in a modern clinic, with staff specifically trained in helping people overcome their fear so that essential dental treatment can be carried out.

Q. When can you fit me in?!

Call us to find out more about what we offer and to book a consultation with your Private Dentists in Glasgow – we look forward to meeting you!

Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry is based in Hyndland in the west-end of Glasgow. The practice has dental patients from throughout Glasgow, Edinburgh and Central Scotland.