Private Dentist Bearsden

Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry

WHAT is it that makes a great private dentist serving Bearsden?

There are many qualities and skills to look for when it comes to selecting a private dentist serving Bearsden BUT, we are different so re-order this list in to your priority order!

  • Friendly – you need to be able to talk and ask questions of your dentist. Why, for example, are they recommending one course of action over another? What are the options?
  • Empathetic – having a private dentist in Bearsden that understands your fear or reluctance to visit the dentist is important. Around a quarter of the UK population have ‘admitted’ to having a fear of the dentist and the chair. Are you one of them?
  • Skilled – a dentist will display their dental qualifications but, you may also see many other certificates of courses undertaken and so on. It is important that the private dentist serving Bearsden that you select continues their professional development as this means patients have more treatment options.
  • Options – and these options of dental treatment is important to many patients. From preventative and routine dental care, to cosmetic treatment options – what does the clinic offer?
  • Budget – no one has a bottom less pitch of cash and some dental treatments can be expensive. Opting of them may only be an option if the repayment terms are budget-friendly.

How will your order these priorities when it comes to selecting a private dentist serving Bearsden, East Dunbartonshire?