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How the RIGHT private dentist near Ayr can make all the difference

Is choosing a private dentist near Ayr based on personality alone?

Reading articles that offer advice on how to find the right private dentist near Ayr, you will notice they talk about treatments and payment options, and so forth but, they miss a key point in many cases: you need to develop a rapport with the dentist and their team. You need to deal they understand and listen to your concerns or queries, answering any questions you have.

What kind of treatments should I look for when considering a private dentist near Ayr?

ALL dental practices will offer preventative dental care, such as regular bi-annual or annual check-ups. These appointments will assess the health of your teeth and mouth, and should any treatment be needed to correct any issues, these will be discussed and agreed with you.

Some dental practices also offer a range of cosmetic dental procedures, such as in-chair teeth whitening, dental implants and other specialised treatments. These treatments are specialised and a private dentist near Ayr will hold additional qualifications in some of these treatment options.

If I have a fear of the dentist, how can I be helped?

As a private dentist near Ayr, we work with patients who have a fear and a phobia of the dentist, offering a tailored, empathetic service in order that the dental health does not suffer.

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