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Media Focus

In the press

Philip's featured in a BBC2 documentary, performing dental implant surgery on a patient who had been hypnotised rather than put under anaesthetic. He said: “I was delighted to be filmed for the programme, however I‘m happy to continue using local anaesthetic with my regular patients!”

Top 50 recognition

Philip's appearance in the Top 50 Most Influential Dentists in the UK – and the highest ranking Scot – led to an article in the Evening Times. For more see

Smile Clinic

Philip's makes a regular appearance as the “resident cosmetic dentist” in the Smile Clinic in the Daily Record’s Vital section. In the column he offers advice to readers on smile-related issues and concerns.

Sunday Mail focuses on the age of your smile

In September 2010 the Sunday Mail’s Seven Days magazine carried a feature spread about the age of your smile and the need to ensure good dental health and hygiene no matter your age. Philip's was quoted extensively throughout the piece.