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Patient - male, 66.

Functional stability and aesthetic beauty are taken for granted by a great many when it comes to their dentition.

For this fit, healthy and active 66 year old patient, enough was enough. The functional deficiency, aesthetic decline, tooth mobility, infection and the lack of any given prognosis had to be addressed.

This patient had the goal of changing his smile and improving his ability to function and eat the foods he wanted. The patient did not wish to wear dentures at any stage if possible.

The case was planned fully and all options outlined to the patient who wished a fixed implant based solution. Planning was carried out on facebow articulated models and all aspects of the decline addressed to provide a functional and aesthetic plan of the final result. Cone Beam CT scanning was used to assess the remaining teeth, bone and vital structures and all of this information amalgamated to provide a definitive surgical plan.

Unfortunately on the upper arch, given the infection which existed, the teeth had to be removed and a denture worn for three months which the patient coped with very well. After this time, first upper and then lower arched were treated using the all on four immediate loading protocol with ridge reduction, implant and abutment placement and immediate loading with a bridge prosthesis converted from the patients denture.

Following adequate healing, these temporary prostheses will be converted to definitive titanium reinforced bridgework. This case has been a great success and I have included it in this section on account of the impact it has had on a patient who was dentally crippled.

This evidenced based treatment protocol has literally transformed this patient’s life, returning his function and smile to that of a fit and healthy 66 year old gent who loves life.

What the patient said after his most recent visit:

After all afternoon in Philip's chair I have survived and have a great set of teeth. Some soreness as when the top were done but that was soon forgotten. Looking forward to Christmas dinner now and not being self conscious when I smile.

Thanks Philip and your wonderful team.

Nice to be able to eat properly and smile with confidence.