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This 61 year old patient visited out Glasgow dental clinic complaining of a loose and poorly functioning upper denture which was retained in place by two loose teeth.

The patient had lost her remaining upper arch teeth many years previously and following the loss of these teeth, had lost a great deal of bone height and width in the upper arch.

On presentation of all of the options, the patient elected an implant retained denture on the basis of the stability of the final solution in function, the aesthetics of the solution and its affordability. In addition, she felt that the removeable denture option would be easier to maintain in years to come.

Four dental implants were placed in the upper arch. Given the bone loss, this was a fairly difficult case which required bone grafting and sinus elevation. Following healing the implants were uncovered and restored with a milled bar and locators which were used to retain the new upper denture.

The final solution looked great with the patients input in design of the smile, and this together with the stability of the solution in function restored the patient's function with and confidence in her dentition and smile.

The retention of the implant retained denture by the implants means that there is less need for coverage of the palate and as such, the palate is largely uncovered.

Female patient, 45

This patient came to our Glasgow dental clinic wishing to improve the stability and aesthetics of her upper arch.

The patient was suffering from generalised adult periodontal disease, with advanced bone loss around the upper teeth leading to tooth mobility, splaying, tooth rotation, poor aesthetics and functional instability.

The patient wished an improvement in the look and function of the teeth but required a solution that was easy to maintain and clean going forwards.

A decision was made to remove the failing upper teeth and allow the bone to heal. A conventional denture was placed immediately after these extractions and after adequate healing, four implants were placed in the upper arch and allowed to heal.

After healing of the implants, a milled bar with locators was fitted to the implants and this was then used to retain an upper denture firmly in position. This solution allowed a very stable upper denture even in function, with vastly improved aesthetics. As the denture is removable, both the denture and the bar/implants are easy to clean and maintain.

The bar gives great support and retention to the denture and as a result of this, the denture extent/coverage can be reduced meaning that the upper denture does not cover the palate allowing a more natural feel in the final result. The total treatment time for this case was 10 months.