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What are you looking for when searching for Glasgow dentists for you and your family?

It can be a bewildering experience looking for Glasgow dentists that you feel offers everything you need – and more! Why not follow our quick guide as you search?

Check out the range of treatments on offer – are they carried out in the clinic or are you referred elsewhere?

Many clinics will tell you they offer a vast range of dental treatments but, when you look deeper into these services you will find you will be referred to another venue or clinic. It may be that this means travelling further afield, adding both expense and time on the procedure. Find a clinic that offers the treatments you need and want under one roof – like Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry!

Does the Glasgow dentists clinic take care and time if ‘nervous’ or anxious patients?

There are people who are anxious, nervous or have a serious phobia about the dentist, their clinic, needles and treatment in general; so much so that many people opt not to visit the dentist as a result. Many Glasgow dentists specialise in helping people overcome their fear and Philip Friel leads the way in ensuring people receive the treatment they need, with minimum fuss and pain-free

Are the opening times of the clinic convenient?

Visiting the dentist should not be a chore but finding time in your busy working day, as well as taking the children out of school is a nightmare that many people face. Opt for Glasgow dentists that offer a range of opening times.

How much experience does the dentist and their team have?

Qualification are one thing, but does the dentist and their team have their fingers of the pulse of the dental industry? Ask them what modern procedures and treatments they use…

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