Glasgow Dental Practice

Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry

Looking for a Glasgow dental practice that can offer you quality dental service can seem daunting, so what should you look out for?

  • Friendly, welcoming environment

From the very first phone call to book a consultation, to the moment you arrive in the practice should see you welcomed into clean, hygienic, yet welcoming and comfortable surroundings. The reception and dental team can ‘make’ a practice and whilst you expect clinical cleanliness, it doesn’t mean the Glasgow dental practice has to be stark and cold.

Philip Friel dental practice offers this and much more…

  • A wide range of treatments under one roof

It is important to note if the Glasgow dental practice you are choosing offers the range and type of dental treatments you think would be suitable; choose a practice that offers not only a range of treatments, but also high quality advice and care too.

  • Convenience

For some, the convenience and location of the Glasgow dental practice is important, as well as the differing times that some people may need to book appointments. Check how the practice like to run their appointments and don’t forget to ask about what happens if they start to run late…

  • Tailored made to fit you

You want the right treatment for you, but you also want it in a way that is friendly, warm and welcoming; you do not want to be hurried. You want your fears and anxieties listened to and worked with, not brushed aside as they keep one eye on the clock.

Philip Friel Advanced Dentisty is a leading Glasgow dental practice – why not call, and book an appointment?