Bespoke General Dentistry

Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry provide a bespoke general dentistry service to patients throughout Glasgow, Edinburgh and Cental Scotland.

Your adult teeth’s journey begins around the age of five or six and continues developing into your teenage years.

If well maintained and looked after, these teeth should last for life.

Indeed, there is nothing more attractive than a smile comprising well maintained natural teeth in an ideal position.

At Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry, we offer a bespoke care package allowing all of our patients as much assistance as possible in maintaining the health of their teeth.

After all, if natural healthy teeth are maintained, it should decrease the need for any invasive dental treatment.

We advise that routine examinations are carried out every 6 months with hygienist appointments 2-4 times per year in general as appropriate.

At these routine examinations we will carry out a full check of the teeth, oral and peri oral soft tissues and jaw joints as required.

We will discuss any current problems evident in your teeth and gums and how best to deal with these.

We will advise on how best to maintain and care for your natural teeth and carry out routine x rays to check on the health of the teeth beneath the surface if required.

Our hygiene team will advise of the correct oral hygiene regime for your dental maintenance.

At Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry, you will always be able to contact a dentist directly out of hours in the case of emergency.

All our dentists offer flexible appointments to suit the busy schedules of our patients.

Every effort will be made to see any patient requiring an appointment to alleviate pain on the same day – this service is offered to our registered patients, but is also extended to family and friends of registered patients.

See below for details of our commitment to our patients.


Our clinic team promises to -

Provide a caring, professional and welcoming environment

Provide you with the highest level of dental services during every appointment

Listen to, discuss and allay any concerns

Fully outline treatment plans and costs involved

Waive charges for appointments you need to change or cancel IF you gives us 24 hours notice.

Provide a 12-month minimum guarantee on dental work – unless discussed otherwise by our team.


You’ll bring a smile to our faces if you can commit to -

Aiming to arrive on time for your appointments – everyone benefits from a smoothly run appointments diary!

Taking on board our advice and instructions on how to care for the work we carry out

Coming along to review and maintenance appointments when we deem them necessary

Settling treatment accounts as and when necessary

Giving us feedback – let us know your opinions of what we’re doing for you: good or bad.

Paying us the biggest compliment of all – by recommending our clinic team to your network of family, friends and business associates