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Patient - male, 55

The patient presented with old worn dentures with poor retention, aesthetics and function. Dentures had been worn without reline and fractured on a number or occasions.

New dentures were constructed for the upper and lower arches to restore dimension, aesthetics and function. In addition, the dentures provide adequate support for the overlying tissues.

The new dentures allowed a stable, aesthetic and functional final result.

This 71 year old male patient attended our clinic having worn an upper denture for many years following a football accident.

The existing denture was worn, fractured and not as retentive in function as it once was.

The patient wished a rejuvenated solution with improved function.

The one remaining upper molar was utilised in the design and retention and a new, chrome based upper denture was provided to the specific requirements of the patient in terms of tooth shade and set up.