Dentists in Glasgow

Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry

Would you like a dazzling white smile? Or, maybe you would like to explore the possibility of veneers? You may have heard, for example, that dental implants could be the solution to your filling the gaps of your missing teeth, but how do you find out more…?

With so many questions, it can be hard to know who to turn to and where to get the right advice when it comes to dental treatment. What you need are dentists in Glasgow that offer…

  • High quality, bespoke dentistry – from a 6 monthly check-up, to convenient opening times and general procedures such as a scale and polish at reasonable, affordable rates.
  • A wide range of cosmetic dentistry – again, at affordable rates, there are a whole range of cosmetic dentistry procedures that dentists in Glasgow can offer. Teeth whitening is increasing in popularity, veneers are a great option for some people as are dental implants BUT, before deciding which treatment is right for you, you need the right advice for YOU!
  • Restorative treatments – sometimes, our mouth and teeth can take an impact or trauma that can leave a lasting legacy, from nerve damage to cracked, broken or missing teeth. If you thought that you ‘had to live with it’, think again! There are a range of restorative dentistry treatments now available; why not discuss your case with Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry?

Convenient, clean, modern and welcoming are just four words that describe the dental practice of Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry – why not check it out for yourself?