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Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry

Fearful of the dentist? Dread a visit to the dental practice? Worry about the cost and pain of treatment?

You need a fresh approach and our dental practice, close to Partick offers what you are looking for.

A real problem

It is thought that around a quarter of the UK population have a high level of anxiety when it comes to visiting the dentist. This severe anxiety can come from the fear of the unknown and, for some patients, this is also led by a fear of needles, blood or other kind of medical apparatus.

For some people, fear of the dentist can be paralysing. It is thought that around 12% of the UK population suffer from excessive or crippling fear of the dentist. Known as dentophobia, people can suffer with tooth pain and other issues with their oral health for a long time, before deciding to seek help.

What can our dental practice, close to Partick offer YOU?

We offer a range of service to ALL patients, underpinned by an empathetic approach for anyone who have a fear or anxiety about visiting the dentist:

  • Convenient appointment times – many people who fear the dentist prefer morning appointments that mean they have less time to become nervous or anxious
  • Experienced teams – our dental team members are trained and experienced in working with patients at our dental practice, convenient to Partick who are nervous or severely dentophobic
  • A range of services we provide an ever-growing range of treatment options for all pateints too, from the basic check-up to more advanced restorative and cosmetic treatments

Why not call our dental practice, local to your Partick home or place of work, and book an appointment now?