Dental Practice Milngavie

Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry

The 6 factors in choosing a dental practice in Milngavie…

… that is perfect for you!

The dental team – meeting the dental team is important for anyone looking for a dental practice close to their Milngavie work or home. Liking them is one thing but do they also understand your needs and requirements?

Surroundings – we all know that a clinic should be clean and spotless to prevent the spread of diseases and bacteria BUT, look beyond this; is the dental practice close to Milngavie comfortable and welcoming?

Quality – every aspect of the service offered to you should ooze quality. From the moment you make the first phone call to make an appointment, to stepping in the clinic to treatment and beyond, quality should run through every aspect.

Services & treatments – from check-ups to more complex, cosmetic procedures, check out the range of skills and treatments that the dental practice close to Milngavie has to offer; you may not need them now, but who knows what the future holds?

Availability – appointments need to be convenient, offered at times of the day and week that suit you. What is the availability of appointments? Do they offer some evening or Saturday clinics?

Location – a convenient location is important too; if you have to make too much of an effort, you are less likely to be proactive in looking after the health of your teeth and mouth.

We offer a high quality service in everything that we do, why not call us to make an appointment to find out for yourself?

Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry is based in Hyndland in the west-end of Glasgow. The practice is happy to accept patients from the Milngavie area.