Dental Practice Jordanhill

Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry

How choosing a dental practice close to Jordanhill just got easier…

Choosing a new dental practice, close to your Jordanhill home, place of work, school etc. can be a tough decision to make. There seems to be so many factors to consider that it can become confusing to know which dental practice is ‘the right one’…

What kind of appointment times are offered?

For many people, having a dental check-up is ‘just one more thing to do’ in an already busy and overloaded day. It can seem a big task to find a dental practice, close to Jordanhill that offers convenient appointment times. Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry have evening appointments, and Saturday morning clinics (by appointment) to ease the burden on your time.

What kind of treatments are on offer?

Preventative and restorative treatments – check-ups, fillings and so on – are essential treatments that every dental practice, close to Jordanhill should be offering. Some dental practices also specialise in a range of cosmetic treatment. You may not immediate need for these now BUT, in the future, you may think about teeth whitening treatment from your dentist, or maybe dental implants

Is the location convenient?

What can help in making sure that regular visits are made to the dentists, especially in the case of on-going treatment, is that the dental practice is conveniently located close to Jordanhill.

Our friendly, professional team are here, waiting to take your call and book an appointment, at a time convenient for you.