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Nervous, anxious or truly phobic of the dentist – how choosing the right dental practice close to Irvine can make a huge difference…

Not everyone ‘enjoys’ a visit to the dentist. For many people, it is something that on an anxiety scale, does not even register; they see it as a task that they simply need to do to take care of their dental and oral health.
Some people do find the experience of visiting the dentist uncertain, a nervous or anxious time but again, they are able to process these feelings and make the all-important trip to the dental practice, close to their Irvine place of work or home.

But there are a number of patients, who find the very thought of visiting a dentist the stuff of nightmares. It is a serious phobia that prevents many people from making any kind of regular visit to the dentist. In such cases, many people with a deep-seated phobia of the dentist delay treatment for some very painful conditions and illnesses until the point that they can no longer live with the pain.

Dental practice for nervous, anxious or phobic Irvine patients

This is not a ‘laughing matter’ and is one that many dental practices are now realising is a very real concern for many patients. Empathetic treatments is needed and here at Philip Friel dental practice, this is exactly what we offer ALL nervous, anxious or phobic patients.

Calling our local to Irvine dental practice does not place you under any pressure or obligation; why not call and have a gentle chat with a member of our dental team?

Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry is based in Hyndland in the west-end of Glasgow. The practice is happy to accept patients from the Irvine area.