Dental Practice in Glasgow

Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry

Are you looking for a dental practice in Glasgow that offers not only high quality dental treatments, but a wide range too? Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry has it all!

Everyone welcome

We wholeheartedly and passionately believe that when your teeth look and feel good, your overall general well-being is good too – who doesn’t want a bright, dazzling smile?

However, we also understand that for some people, the thought of walking in to a dental practice in Glasgow, let along having treatment, is a huge problem, creating anxiety and, in many cases, a paralysing fear.

We are a dental practice in Glasgow that specialises in helping people with phobias or anxieties about visiting the dentist and about having treatment too.

We also offer all our patients the best in the latest dental technologies, treatment and innovations, often leading the way in offering new-to-the-market treatments too.

Tailor made for you

No two clients are the same and no two treatments would be administered the same either; dental treatment in our dental practice in Glasgow are offered on a bespoke basis – in other words, you are offered a range of options that best fit you (and your budget!).

Affordable, gentle, modern and unhurried – we think this describes how we approach all our clients in helping them to gain the best of dental treatment and health.

Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry is based in Hyndland in the west-end of Glasgow. The practice has dental patients from throughout Glasgow, Edinburgh and Central Scotland.