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Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry

Are you looking for a dental practice, close to Dumbarton that is…

  • Friendly
  • Professional
  • With great treatment options?

Then you need Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry!

Treatment options

Gone are the days when you visited the dentist every 6 months only, for the customary check-up. You may have waited for a long time, for someone to take a cursory glance at your teeth and tell you ‘everything was fine’. You would repeat this time and again…

Whilst looking after you teeth is to be applauded, it often left us wanting more; for example, why do our teeth seem to be discolouring and what can be done about it? Or the teeth that are out of line or maybe, as a client you would like to know how or what can be done to make your smile more confident…

Sometime, clients have so many questions about their dental care, but also about cosmetic dentistry too which is why finding the right dental practice, close to Dumbarton is essential.


And for all this treatment and advice you need a professional team, not a team of sales people who only think about what treatments and service they can sell. Everything we do, is patient-centred.

We talk through ALL the options, give you ALL the pros and cons of each treatment. The decision of whether to go ahead or not, and which option suits you and your budget, is your decision.

And, we believe that the service we offer is professional, from the moment you step into our state-of-the-art clinic.


But all this is only ever any good if the people who are part of the dental practice are friendly and welcoming. The atmosphere here at our dental practice, close to Dumbarton is always friendly, always welcoming and professional, every step of the way.

Why not call us and book a consultation at our dental practice, convenient to Dumbarton?

Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry is based in Hyndland in the west-end of Glasgow. The practice is happy to accept patients from the Dumbarton area.