Dental Practice Coatbridge

Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry

Are you looking for a dental practice that offers not only high quality dental treatments, but a wide range too? Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry has it all!

Are you looking for a dental practice close to Coatbridge?

If you are, you have a decision to make but, how do make this important decision? What factors do you base it on?

We have some tips to help you…

  • Treatments – the first thing, is to take a close look at the types of treatments on offer at the dental practice in Coatbridge. They will offer treatments that fall in to two categories:
  • Preventative treatments – this is the annual check-up, fillings and other treatments that help with looking after dental health
  • Cosmetic dentistry – these treatments are become more common place and can include anything from dental implants to teeth whitening treatments. You may not have an immediate want for this, but there may be a time in the future that you decide these will be helpful.
  • Location – although you are looking for a dental practice in Coatbridge, is it in a convenient location for you attend appointments? For those who find visiting the dentist an unpleasant and fearful experience, having a dental practice is an easy to access location is important.
  • Appointment times – again, being able to make an appointment at a time that fits within your busy schedule is important too; here at Philip Friel, we offer a range of appointment times, including late night ‘opening’ and Saturday mornings by appointment.
  • Meet the team! – why not make an appointment at Philip Friel dental practice, close to Coatbridge and meet our fabulous dental team?

Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry is based in Hyndland in the west-end of Glasgow. The practice is happy to accept patients from the Coatbridge area.