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Looking for a dental practice, close to Clarkston that understands your anxieties…?

Looking after our teeth and overall oral health is essential. Poor dental and oral health can severely impact our lives, from zapping confidence to limiting the range of food we can and cannot eat.

For many patients, what holds them back from seeking help is fear or anxiety about visiting a dental practice, whether it is close to their Clarkston home or work, or not!

Studies have shown that 25% of the UK population admit to having an anxiety about visiting the dentist; 12% of the population suffer from ‘dentophobia’, a severe, often crippling fear of the dentist, dental practice and everything contained therein.

It is a very real fear that prevents many people from seeking help when they need it most, leaving dental problems and ‘injuries’ until they cannot bear the pain any longer. Many patients are also scared of blood, needles and other components on dental work and again, this fear can stop them from seeking help in the early stages.

Demands recognition

If you suffer from dentophobia or even have an unpleasant anxiety about visiting a dental practice close to you Clarkston home or place of work, then you need to choose wisely. There are dental practices, like ours, that specialise in working with anxious, nervous and fearful patients.

It is a very real condition, and one that needs dealing with empathetically and with care. Making sure that the dental team at your chosen dental practice close to Clarkston understand your fear, is important.

Here at Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry, we work with patients who have severe fear of the dentist, as well as people who are general unsure and wary of visiting the dentist. We offer an empathetic service, understanding that patients need extra time to be able to deal with their fear, as well as the dental treatment that needs completing.

We offer a range of preventative and cosmetic dental treatments at our dental practice, convenient to Clarkston, to all patients – why not call us to book an appointment today?

Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry is based in Hyndland in the west-end of Glasgow. The practice is happy to accept patients from the Clarkston area.