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What you need to know as you search for dental implants in Glasgow West End

Dental implants is a form of cosmetic surgery that is becoming increasingly popular. And not surprising when you consider what they offer the patient:

Missing teeth – many patients have had teeth removed, knocked out, damaged and so on and thus, they are looking for dental implants in Glasgow West End that can fill this gap. They can be used to replace one missing tooth, or several.

Crooked teeth – not all patients like the look of their teeth and so, dental implants can offer them a very real alternative. At one time, there were two options: put up with crooked teeth or have them all removed, and opt for false teeth.

A Modern Alternative

For many people looking for dental implants in Glasgow West End, they offer a fitting and modern alternative to ‘putting up with’ their teeth or false teeth.

They are fixed in to position using a series of titanium rods – the number will vary from one patient to another – on to which the ceramic teeth are fixed. They do not need to be taken out at night, cleaned or soaked etc. as they are treated just like ordinary teeth.

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