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Are dental implants for everyone?

There are many people who have opted for dental implants and are currently enjoying life with a big smile. No longer are they self-conscious of missing teeth or broken ones.

In the main, you cannot tell if a Stirling patient has dental implants simply because they look and feel natural. They behave in a natural way too but, are they for everybody?

Consult a professional

As with any major decision you make about treatment, it pays to have the advice and guidance of an experienced professional. Take time to seek out a dental practice that offers a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments so that you can be uber-confident in their abilities.

Are they right to you?

In the main, dental implants are right for a large majority of Stirling patients but this is an individual decision;

  • Will you be committed enough to thoroughly clean your teeth and gums twice a day?
  • Will you act immediately if the site of the implant becomes inflamed or infected?
  • Can you make the changes to your lifestyle in order than your dental implants look the best for as long as possible?
  • Are you in overall good health, with good oral health too?

Book a consultation

Before plunging headlong into making a decision, we invite all Stirling patients looking for dental implants to spend some time with us, looking at all the options – as well as the pros and cons of implants for them.
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