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If you are a Perth patient considering dental implants, you will naturally have lots of questions. Some may be ones that have been asked on a frequent basis, but opting for dental treatment of this kind is very much a personal decision.

Thus, you need personal and tailored advice for you. Here are three questions commonly asked; can you relate to them?

My teeth are awful, crooked and stained. Are dental implants the answer?

Dental implants could be the answer to many problems for many Perth patients. When it comes to fixing certain issues, it does pay to seek advice from a dentist so that you have all the options open to you.

In some respects, dental implants are seen as the answer to all dental problems, but there may be other solutions that give a better result.

I have a missing tooth. Would a false tooth be a feasible option?

Many Perth patients opt for a dental implants when they have a missing tooth, or to replace a broken one.
But again, not all patients present as suitable for dental implants, which is why you should make an appointment at our local to Perth clinic.

Are dental implants for everyone?

No. Dental implants are embedded in the jaw bone which in some patients will not be strong enough to cope with a titanium rod being drilled into it.

Your overall general health is also important when assessing your suitability for dental implants too, as some pre-existing medical conditions or medication can impact on how successful they can be.

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