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Looking for dental implants in Paisley?

Do you know everything you need to about dental implants? How do you know that they are right for you?

Dental implants are increasing in popularity. They present a viable alternative to doing nothing with broken or missing teeth, and removable dentures.

Ceramic teeth, as strong as natural teeth, are fitted to titanium posts which is implanted in the jaw bone. Providing they are looked after, dental implants for Paisley patients can last a life time, as long as natural teeth.

Are they right for everyone?

There are very few people who are not suitable for dental implants in Paisley but, clearly consulting with a professional dentist who is experienced in dental implants is important.

The success of dental implants rests on the quality of the jaw bone that the titanium posts are inserted in to. If the jaw bone is strong and healthy, there should not be too many issues. However, if there is an issue with the jaw bone, dental implants may not be a wise or long-lasting investment.

Who should I ask for more information?

Dental implants in Paisley are offered at the Philip Friel dental practice. Booking an appointment to discuss the possibility of implants is simple – call us today on 0141 - 339 - 7579.