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Are dental implants for North Lanarkshire patients the solution?

At certain times, we may suffer ill-health. We may also suffer from issues that knock our self-esteem and confidence. For many people, this is their teeth.

Over the years, we eat and drink an extraordinary amount. We may also smoke, and consume alcohol.

Some people may also have played contact sports and we are all guilty of opening packets, ripping sticky tape and so on with our teeth when we should take a second or two to retrieve the scissors.

All these things affect our teeth

They become stained, even when we use expensive whitening toothpaste. They can be knocked, become damaged and in some cases, a tooth can be broken or fall out.

No matter who this happens to, it knocks confidence. If you feel you cannot smile, you may hide away a little

more than what you used to. You may find have your photo taken a real issue, or you may not smile at all.

Many a North Lanarkshire patient has opted for dental implants in this situation and the good news is, they could be the right treatment for you too.

But, we are all different thus, advice on the best treatment options for all North Lanarkshire patients, especially those considering dental implants should be individual.

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