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Dental implants are becoming a popular option for Newton Mearns patients; are you thinking of taking the plunge too?

What are dental implants and why are they becoming popular with Newton Mearns patients?

Up until fairly recently, if your teeth were broken or missing, the option on replacing them was limited. A traditional way was false teeth. The artificial gum plate would be moulded to your own gums, and then a row of ceramic teeth installed on this plate.

To clean these dentures, the patient would remove them and clean them, sometimes placing them in a glass by the side of the bed.
Today, there are more options and more Newton Mearns patients are willing to be spend both more time and effort on getting the right treatment option for them. Dental implants offer a more permanent solution, with no need to take teeth out to clean and all the other perceive disadvantages of false teeth.

Other solutions, such as crowns and so on are also not always a welcome alternative. The natural look of dental implants means that many Newton Mearns patients favour them.

Do you want to opt for dental implants?

In most cases, they are a suitable treatment option but, as with all treatment and procedures, you should discuss you wants and needs with a suitably qualified, dentist.
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