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The pro of dental implants for Motherwell patients

Dental implants for Motherwell patients offer many advantages. Here, we highlight just a few to help you understand why these implants could be the very thing that you are looking for:

  • If it’s not broken… – at one time, it was almost a tradition that older people had their natural teeth removed and replaced with dentures. These were not fixed and could cause anything from sore gums, to changing the shape of the face. However why remove good teeth? Dental implants are used to replace missing or broken teeth, but actually need natural teeth to fix on to.
  • Protect healthy teeth and bone – and thus, dental implants for Motherwell patients can actually protect natural, healthy teeth and the jaw bone in which the titanium post is fitted.
  • An appealing smile – dental implants for Motherwell patients also help to not only retain the shape of the face, but also create an appealing smile. Your teeth are important to your self-esteem thus, if your teeth are crooked or missing, you may not feel able to smile and laugh as freely as you like.

To get the right advice, from the right people, you need to identify a dentist that specialises in dental implants on offer to Motherwell patients – why not call Philip Friel?