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Are you a Kilmarnock patient, looking for dental implants? Have you wondered what the process involves?

The process of securing dental implants is relatively simple, with few side effects or issues hence, they have become a popular means of dealing with some of the issues many people feel they have with their teeth.

Many years ago, it was a common response to issue with teeth to remove any remaining teeth, and replace with removable dentures.

Today, we have better cleaning regimes when it comes to our teeth and so, more and more people are reaching their later years with their own teeth! As much as we may snigger at this, it is an important step forward in oral health and hygiene.

But, there can still be issues with teeth. Many Kilmarnock patients who opt for dental implants do so because they are missing a tooth, or one may have been broken and so on. Rather than taking out healthy teeth or even be fitted with smaller dentures, many patients are opting for dental implants.

A permanent solution

Dental implants for Kilmarnock patients offer a permanent, fixed solution to some of their dental woes.

Dentures are not viewed in the best light; ill-fitting, they can make the gums sore. People also find the prospect of taking their teeth out to clean an unpleasant one.

Dental implants act and look like natural teeth but, they must be looked after and, there are some cases where they are not the best option for a Kilmarnock patient. Why not call to book an appointment?