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If you are an Irvine patient looking at dental implants as a treatment option, you will have many questions. Here we answer some frequently asked question but, this only a quick guide – always base your final decision on tailored advice for you.

I have missing teeth and heard that dental implants can be used to fill the gaps. I have wearing dentures.

There are many people in the same position and thus, dental implants have become an increasingly popular option for Irvine patients seeking to fill gaps from missing teeth, without the need for dentures.

Are dental implants easy to look after?

Yes they are, but it does take some commitment from the patient to maintain them. In other words, if you already have good oral health and a cleaning regime, then you will not find looking after dental implants too much of a chore.

Is it a painful procedure?

In the main, dental implants for Irvine patients is not too painful nor is it uncomfortable. You will be injected with local anaesthetic in the area the implant is being fitted, and advised on how to look after your implants post fitting and surgery.

Do they look natural?

Yes, they do. They look, ac and feel like natural teeth which is another reason why Irvine patients are looking to dental implants as a solution.

Are you an Irvine patient seeking advice and information dental implants specifically tailored to you? Book a consultation at our clinic today.