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Dental implants are becoming a popular option for Hamilton patients; are you thinking of taking the plunge too?

Are you a Hamilton patient, considering dental implants?

If so, you will have many questions and this is why it is important to have a comprehensive consultation with a local dentist who specialises in dental implants to answer all your questions.

Are dental implants suitable for everybody?

Dental implants are for Hamilton patients who enjoy a good state of health but may feel that they want to replace a missing tooth or teeth, or have broken ones removed. In the main, most people meet this criteria but there are instances, such as a crumbling jaw bone, that may make this procedure unsuitable.

How long to dental implants last?

They can last a lifetime but unlike some other procedures and cosmetic dentistry procedures, dental implants are a commitment for Hamilton patients as they do need to be thoroughly cleaned twice as day, and the gum around the implants also cleaned. You will also need to watch for and act quickly if the think the gum is infected at any time.

Why opt for dental implants?

They are a great solution to some of the cosmetic issues that some patients feel they have with their teeth.

Why not call our clinic, close to Hamilton to make an appoint to discuss your suitability for dental implants?