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Making the right choice – what factors are involved in deciding if dental implants are right for Greenock patients?

There are many dental treatments that are options to fix or repair issues or problem with teeth. One treatment option that has gained in popularity in recent years is the use of dental implants.

As a result, more and more Greenock patients are considering dental implants as a treatment option for them but, what are some of the factors that decide if it is the best option?

  • Overall health – how well and healthy we are will generally affect not only our teeth but how we respond to certain medications and procedures. Clearly, if you are generally fit and healthy, you are a contender for dental implants.
  • Commitment – dental implants for Greenock patients are a long term commitment on their part. Teeth and oral health needs to be a priority every day, with great care taken to keep the site of implants clean. Any sign of infection should be dealt with quickly, and regular visits to the dental clinic are also key. If you cannot guarantee this level of commitment, you may need to look at other options.
  • Budget – in terms of budget, dental implants for Greenock patients may not be the cheapest. But, all considerations are personal ones and this is something only you can answer.

Are dental implants right for all Greenock patients? Why not make a consultation and discuss you case with us?