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Looking for dental implants in Glasgow City Centre?

Dental implants are the latest in a whole range of expanding cosmetic treatments for patients. They are safe and proven, and can make a world of difference to patients.

Find out more about them…

  • One tooth or many – people opt for dental implants for all kinds of different reasons and in some cases, they opt for them to replace one or more missing teeth. Titanium rods are inserted in to the gum, and the ceramic teeth or tooth is attached to this post.
  • Quick, easy, simple and painless – any people consider the possibility of dental implants in Glasgow City Centre but, they assume that it is a painful procedure. You will be amazed at how quick and painless the procedure actually is!
  • Long, long lasting – after care after any procedure is important, to not only prevent infection but to ensure that the results of the procedure last for a long time. With dental implants, they need no particular or invasive techniques to keep them looking at their best, although certain foods (heavily coloured or spice foods) need to be avoided, as well as biting on hard substances.

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