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Dental implants are becoming a popular option for Giffnock patients; are you thinking of taking the plunge too?

Do dental implants offer benefits to every Giffnock patient?

In the main, yes they do!

  • They support remaining teeth

It is important to note that any remaining teeth will be affected by any gaps from missing teeth. They will not have the structure that our teeth rely on to remain straight, and in position. Dental implants for Giffnock patients offer this fixed structure.

  • Enjoy life again

Missing teeth is not much fun; confidence is zapped but with dental implants, many Giffnock patients re-discover this confidence and their fabulous smile!

  • Reliability and predictability

False teeth or dentures which are removable are not every liked by everyone but, as dental implants are securely fixed into the jaw bone, they behave just like natural teeth do. In other words, there is no possibility of them coming lose and so on.

  • Improve appearance

As soon we start to lose teeth, we lose structure in the mouth and this affects how the face itself looks too. Dental implants for Giffnock patients help to improve the structure of the face, by adding more definition, once again.

  • Convenient

Many Giffnock patients find that dental implants offer them convenience, at an affordable price too. If they are something that you think would suit you, why not call us to book a consultation?