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Dental implants are becoming a popular option for Falkirk patients; are you thinking of taking the plunge too?

Will people know I have dental implants?

No, not unless you tell them! The ceramic tooth used in dental implants look and act like natural teeth but, you may need to make some changes to the food you eat, and how you eat some foods.

For example, if the dental implants are at the front of the mouth, biting in to a hard apple may cause some discomfort. This is not to say you cannot eat apples or other hard foods, but may need to slice the food prior to sinking your teeth in to it.

I’ve heard I can’t drink alcohol with dental implants. Is this true?

When Falkirk patients opt for dental implants, they are given a range of advice on how to change their lifestyle habits when it comes to food and drink so that dental implants are looked after.

General advice for those with implants is to avoid coloured and heavily spiced food and drink. Hence, avoid curries and red wine, but the decision is yours. You will need to be aware however, that ceramic teeth can become stained.

Is it a painful procedure?

In the main, no it isn’t as any Falkirk patient undergoing dental implants will have a local anaesthetic at the site where they are being fitted. After treatments, we advise patients to rest for the remainder of the day.

You may experience some discomfort but this is minimal.

Can I talk to you about the procedure?

Yes, book to make a consultation appointment and we will be happy to answer all your question.