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Are you looking for dental implants in Edinburgh?

If so, you are on a journey that could see you with amazing ceramic teeth but, before you get to this point you need to know all about them.

Are they suitable for all patients?

In most cases, yes although there are some criteria around a patients age, their overall health and there may be some temporary aspects that affect how and when dental implants are used, such as in pregnant patients.

My teeth are really bad, so dental implants will not be possible, will they?

Many people searching for dental implants in Edinburgh are doing so because their own teeth may be missing, crooked and so on. The important thing to remember with dental implants is that the jaw bone needs to be in good condition to be able to accept the titanium rods that hold the implants in place.

The implanted ceramic teeth are then attached to the remaining teeth in the mouth for stability.

How much looking after do dental implants need?

Dental implants are easy to care for, although it is true that patients will need to be more aware of what food they eat and, to a certain extent, how they eat. Although strong, biting directly into hard matter can crack the ceramic teeth.

Keeping the gum line clean too, immediately after the procedure is important to prevent soreness and infection but, our team can advise you on all aspects of treatment and after-care.

If you are looking for dental implants in Edinburgh, why not call us to arrange a consultation?

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