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Dental implants are becoming a popular option for Dumbarton patients; are you thinking of taking the plunge too?

Are dental implants the answer for Dumbarton patients?

Our teeth are incredibly strong. When you think of the use (and abuse!) the mouth undergoes on a daily basis, you can begin to appreciate just how strong they are.

When teeth are damaged, they can be removed but replacing missing teeth is important, for your general health as well as for the health of the remaining teeth. When we lose teeth, we lose chewing ability and thus, many Dumbarton patients look to dental implants as the solution.

Self esteem

There is also the question of our self-esteem and confidence which can be dented by the fact that we have lost a tooth. Many people become self-conscious when they have a tooth missing, and do not feel as confident as a result.

In most cases, dental implants are the perfect solution for Dumbarton patients but, as with all treatments and options, you really do need to talk to a trained professional before opting for any treatment.


This is why we invite all Dumbarton patients looking at dental implants for a comprehensive consultation. Implants are a procedure which some people feel comfortable to undergo, but other people can feel more ill at ease, and need to know more about the whole process.

That said, it is true to say that patients who have opted for dental implants have never looked back. Will you opt for them?