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Looking for dental implants in Cumbernauld?

Many people are realising that there are alternatives to false teeth and crowns; no longer do you have to put up with poorly fitting dentures, or hide missing teeth or damaged ones.

Dental implants for Cumbernauld patients is something that Philip Friel Dental Practice offer but, what are dental implants?

Dental implants are one or more false teeth, fixed to a titanium post that is surgically implanted into the jaw bone.

Are they a safe option?

Yes they are. Dental implants are a long established treatment and the false teeth or tooth, will last for as long as natural teeth, providing that they are well cared for.

How should Cumbernauld patients look after their dental implants?

There are some food and drinks which are best avoided when you have had dental implants fitted. Any substance that is heavily spiced or coloured will have a staining action on the ceramic tooth. The most important aspect of dental implants for Cumbernauld patients is for them to attend regular check-ups to maintain the teeth.

What if they are neglected?

Just like natural teeth, they can collect layers and deposits of food and plague etc. on the surface of the tooth which, if not dealt with can lead to gum infections. When the gum around the dental implant is infected, it can mean the implant will need to be removed.

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