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Are you looking to find out more about dental implants? Do you think they could be the right treatment option for you?

Many Coatbridge patients who opted for dental implants have never looked back, facing every day with a confident smile knowing they have no gaps or broken teeth. As a result, many people think that dental implants are right for them but still have many questions that need answering.

Are dental implants a new treatment?

Dental implants have become popular in recent years, possibly because it is now a treatment offered at a great price whereas at one time, they were an expensive option for people.

They have, in fact, been around for 30 years or so, and were used to plug the gap left by a missing tooth. Today, instead of opting for removable dentures, many Coatbridge patient are option for fixed dental implants instead.

Do they take a lot of looking after?

Dental implants do need to be taken care off, with a twice daily cleaning process that ensures the site of the implant is kept as clean as possible.

Making changes to your lifestyle may also be needed; for example, heavily spiced and coloured food and drink will cause the ceramic tooth to stain and so on.

Do they last a long time?

If looked after well, dental implants for Coatbridge patients will last a lifetime.

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