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Dental implants for Ayr patients can provide more than just a gap filler in the mouth; they can significantly boost self-esteem and confidence when people feel they have teeth worth showing!

But, how does an Ayr patient know they are suitable for dental implants? Here is a quick guide:

  • General health – in order for dental implant procedure and outcome to be as advantageous as possible, the patient has to be in overall good health. There are some pre-existing medical conditions that can interfere with the process of healing, for example.
  • Commitment – although dental implants can be an effective solution, it does take commitment from the patient to look after the teeth once the procedure has been completed. Keeping the area clean, as well as taking time to brush and rinse at least twice a day is very important.
  • Medication – there are some instances that may mean prescribed medication interferes with process of implanting ceramic teeth, as well as causing excessive bruising and bleeding. This is why a comprehensive consultation is important.
  • Lifestyle – as well as looking after the teeth in terms of cleaning, patients may also need to make changes to their lifestyle, more so in what they eat and drink. Ceramic teeth, just like ‘real’ teeth, will discolour over time if a patient consumes heavily spiced or coloured food and drink.

Dental implants for Ayr patients can make a huge difference. Will they suit you?