Hygiene Therapy

Bespoke General Dentistry ยป Hygiene Therapy

Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry provide a hygiene therapy service to patients throughout Glasgow, Edinburgh and Cental Scotland.

Here at the clinic we have a team of highly trained and experienced Dental Hygienists who can not only carry out specific dental treatments to ensure your mouth’s in top top condition, but also advise on your own home regime.

An effective oral hygiene regime is vital if your teeth are to stay strong and healthy.

In addition to cleaning with toothpaste, daily flossing and brushing the tiny spaces between your teeth – the interdental areas – are also recommended.

A step-by-step guide to effective flossing has been compiled by our friends at Oral-B:

  1. Tear off 45cms (18 inches) of dental floss and wrap it several times round the middle fingers of both hands until the length is reduced to about 10cms (4 inches).
  2. To clean the interdental areas in the upper jaw stretch a short section of floss firmly over both thumbs and carefully insert the floss to avoid injuring your gums.
  3. Wrap the floss around each tooth in a U shape and move it up and down approximately six times, applying slight pressure. Never move it from side to side.
  4. To clean the interdental areas in the lower jaw stretch the floss over the tips of both index fingers and floss as for the upper jaw.
  5. Use a fresh piece of floss for each tooth by re-looping the floss over your fingers.

Oral-B also recommends daily use of miniature brushes, called interdental brushes, specially designed to clean the tiny spaces between your teeth.

The brush should be inserted from the outside or the inside into the interdental areas and moved back and forth. The brush should fill the interdental area with its bristles under slight pressure but without causing injury.

Interdental brushes can also be used to clean implants and fixed orthodontic appliances.

Change the brush after 14 days at most. Our experienced dental hygiene team members are happy to advise you on the right brush size.