Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry

Fee Guide 2017

The information below highlights the fees associated with the more common routine procedures carried out in the clinic. Following initial examination, a full treatment plan together with an estimate of the associated fees will be provided for all patients. For the more complex or advanced procedures, this will entail an extensive written plan with inclusion of associated fees.

Please note, the clinic does not carry out any treatments on the National Health Service. The children of registered adult patients are seen on a private basis at no cost for examination/check up. If any child requires any further treatment, this is carried out at minimal cost only to cover materials.

Our clinic is metal free and uses only nano composite (tooth coloured) restoratives for fillings. We do not use amalgam, but can employ techniques for its safe removal.

Treatments   Prices
Dental examination   £35.00
New patient examination   £50.00
Consultation   £50.00
Orthodontic consultation including x-rays   £120.00
Digital Oral x-ray   £12.00
Large OPG x-ray   £60.00
Cone beam CT scanning From £125.00
Consultant report on CT scan   £120.00
Hygienist tooth scaling   £50.00
Fissure sealant   £25.00
Temporary dressing   £40.00
Small white filling   £75.00
Large white filling   £120.00
Composite inlays From £300.00
Porcelain inlays From £350.00
Root canal treatment Incisor From £245.00
Root canal treatment Molar From £350.00
Emergency nerve removal/abscess treatment From £55.00
Tray tooth whitening   £345.00
Top up whitening application (per syringe)   £20.00
Diagnostic wax up per tooth   £55.00
Porcelain ceramic veneers From £400.00 - £800.00
Porcelain crowns   £400.00
Gold shell crowns   £450.00
Non precious bonded crowns From £450.00
Precious bonded crowns From £600.00
Zirconia crowns From £600.00
Non precious bonded bridge (per unit) From £475.00
Precious bonded bridge (per unit) From £600.00
Zirconia bridge (per unit) From £600.00
Full arch acrylic dentures (per arch)   £750.00
Partial acrylic dentures From £425.00
Partial chrome dentures From £1100.00
Simple extraction   £75.00
Surgical extraction From £125.00
Extraction and socket preservation graft   £410.00
Apicectomy and retrograde filling   £370.00
Crown lengthening surgery From £175.00
Bone grafting From £400.00
Sinus elevation and grafting From £800.00
Implant placement From £1100.00
Implant abutment From £450.00
Peri implantitis treatment £475.00
Implant crown fees are as per crown fees above.
Intravenous sedation (per session)   £575.00
Inman aligner (per arch)   £1350.00
Inman retainer   £145.00
Anti wrinkle treatments using Botulinum Toxin type a.
Botulinum toxin 1 area   £175.00
Botulinum toxin 2 areas   £245.00
Botulinum toxin 3 areas   £275.00
Botulinum toxin hyperhidrosis (underarm)   £515.00
Dermal fillers (per first syringe)   £245.00
Dermal fillers (per subsequent syringe)   £195.00
Sports mouthguard   £125.00
Anti-snoring appliances From £500.00
Somnowell anti snoring appliances From £1600.00