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Botox Treatment Information

You have probably heard – and seen! – a lot about Botox; on one hand, some hail it as a revolution for those customers who want to stay young looking and yet others say that the use of a toxin within the body cannot be good.

And so here, we look at some of these issues and concerns regarding Botox for Glasgow customers…

It is a toxin!

Botox does derive from a virulent toxin that, if ingested in to the body in minute doses, can cause serious health issues; in fact, it is a fine line between how much this toxin in its impure form can make you ill and how much can cause death.

However, Botox for patients is a purified version of this toxin; all the bits and pieces within the strain that causes ill-health and disease have all been processed out of the toxin. Hence, the form used in treatment is incredibly pure, but does offer a controlled effect on the muscles in to which it is injected.

It causes paralysis!

In a sense, this is correct. The fine lines and wrinkles of the face are ‘flattened’ by relaxing the muscle into which the substance is injected. Once the treatment has taken full affect (this can be up to 72 hours), for weeks and months (depending on the ‘severity’ of the wrinkles in the first place), the patient can enjoy smoother, fuller and more youthful looking skin.

This paralysis of a group of muscles is temporary. Botox treatments for Glasgow patients do not last forever and so, if you choose not to have the treatment again, then there are no side-effects and your wrinkles or fine lines will be no worse or pronounced.

It is unregulated and dangerous!

Unfortunately, there are cases that are all too apparent in the media of various celebrities who have seemingly over-indulged in the treatment. The responsibility of some of this must be shared by any doctors or clinics who have carried out the treatment to excess.

Clinics here in the UK tend to have a more moral stand point that being out to simply ‘make money’ from Botox treatment for patients. It is impossible, if consulting with a professional clinic, to ‘over do’ treatments as the aim of any professional is to increase confidence by decreasing and smoothing out wrinkles.

It is just not right!

Like many other cosmetic treatments, not all patients are suitable for or want Botox treatments and, with a professional clinic such as Philip Friel, you will be in trusted and safe hands.

As a prescription only medicine, the prescribing doctor or dentist need to ensure they carry out a thorough assessment of a patient’s suitability for the treatment. This will include a lengthy consultation, with several question regarding general health, any current health conditions and medication.

Botox for Glasgow patients can make a huge difference; why not see if this non-surgical cosmetic treatment is for you?

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