Dental implant nurse Kasia turns from lecturer to student

Our dental Glasgow clinic is often the venue for seminars and courses.

Kasia, our dental implant nurse, regularly conducts courses here and at other UK venues for dental nurses moving into the world of implant surgery.

Thanks to her experience and expertise Kasia is well equipped to share her knowledge of the profession.

Recently, however, Kasia was on a course courtesy of the Association of Dental Implantology UK. The day course was held in Edinburgh.

How a playground incident led to many decades of dental despair – a patient’s story

Dental trauma during childhood can have a lifelong impact for many patients we see at our dental Glasgow clinic.

Here we have the story of one patient – a male in his early 50s – who charts the details of what happened after a school playground incident and how it impacted on his ability and desire to smile.

Cosmetic dentistry techniques can make a huge difference in terms of what can be achieved and the benefits from an aesthetic as well as functional perspective.

Read the patient’s story about his smile makeover – in his own words.

“For over 30 years I have avoided smiling too much thanks to a school playground fight and subsequent loss of a front tooth. This and a general neglect over the years left me very doubtful about offering a grin to camera.

Dentists were not my favourite profession and in a job which involves a lot of public work, this problem became more and more troublesome.

“Comprehensive overhaul”

Philip Friel was the first dentist I had encountered who undertook a comprehensive overhaul of my smile and forward assessment of my dental prospects. He sought to correct some bad dentistry I had encountered over the years and took a very positive approach to what was possible.

More importantly, he assessed the likely outcome to my bite and teeth generally if I continued as I was, and the prospect was not comforting.

Philip laid out a programme of treatment which involved a number of different aspects, from root treatments to new crowns, and which now offers me the opportunity to maximise my natural smile and bite for as long as possible. He stopped the rot of bad treatment in the past and produced a workable solution for me. Most importantly, Philip introduced me to the idea of dental implants and successfully carried out three implants. For the first time in over 30 years I have a natural smile that looks right, which isn‘t liable to chafe or slip or fall out or look false.

All carried out efficiently and professionally and with good provision of reasons and descriptions along the way.”

This patient’s words are important because they explain the transformation he underwent from being reluctant to even grin – never mind smile – to having what he labels a “natural smile”.
If you’d like to read about more testimonials from our patients please click here.

Our Glasgow clinic going greener

As a team we’ve made a decision to inprove the ‘green footprint’ of the Glasgow dental clinic and have been setting about various ways to achieve this.

As well as ensuring our business and clinical refuse is managed as efficiently as it can be, we recently undertook to change failed spotlight bulbs for their LED alternatives.

While being more costly to instal they use far less power and should last 15-20 years, and so savings, not only in environmental terms but also financially should be noticed in years to come.

These and other measures are adding to the priority we place in being not only a responsible employer but a good neighbour in our community.

Feedback on our team work from a patient’s visits to our Glasgow clinic for new smile

We received the following testimonial from a patient who came to see me about a smile makeover.
We always appreciate the time a patient takes to talk about his or her visit to see the dentist.

This 53-year-old patient’s journey was 18 months in duration – due to the complex nature of the dental work she required. As you’ll read in the paragraphs that follow the patient has highlighted the team work she encountered when she attended for her appointments. We all work particularly hard at being a focused team and so it’s fantastic when a patient delivers feedback in the following terms.

Here are her own words…
“I have been receiving outstanding reconstruction work from Philip’s clinic for the past eighteen months. Initially my teeth were in a very weakened condition and have now undergone a total transformation, I am thrilled with the resulting outcome.

“Firstly, I would like to commend and acknowledge his excellent team members:-

·Ross Henderson for his deft, intricate and precise root canal work, executed brilliantly, with his steady and congenial manner.

·Jill Clare for her superb white fillings, and her mastery in extracting a tricky impacted wisdom tooth- with immense care, she has a heart of gold.

·Glen Frew, a great Ambassador of Dentistry, wonderful in a crisis , and is extremely kind.

·Dental nurses Kasia, Louise and Pam for their; empathy, understanding, who cannot do enough to ease any discomfort, and are always ready with a reassuring arm.

·Dental Hygienist Jennifer, for her pristine thoroughness, recommendations ,and cheery disposition.

·Siobhan, Karyn and Carly, always with a welcoming smile , who are accommodating and professional at all times. They create a great first impression and give continual ongoing friendly advice if required.

Last and most importantly of all , Philip Friel himself has amazing dexterity, skill and artistry when fitting crowns for me. He makes well- calculated decisions without ever compromising his Professional reputation. His knowledge is phenomenal, he instills confidence , exudes calm, pays fine attention to detail and is always focused.

His teamwork and overseeing of my treatment was second to none. He ensures his clinic has a lovely relaxing ambience and is beautifully appointed, with immaculate state of the art equipment.

Not only is he a fantastic credit to his profession, he has totally restored my faith in all dental matters. I cannot wish enough continued success and good things to a more deserved and genuine person. With my sincere and grateful thanks.”

As you can imagine when the team received these words from the patient we were not only delighted but we appreciated the time she’d taken to chart the detail of her experience with relevance to each member of the team she’d encountered during the visits to our dental Glasgow clinic.

Appearance at Hampden in Glasgow! To share info about implant benefits

Philip Friel appearing at Scottish Dental Show to talk about implants

Philip on stage

Today I did an hour long presentation on the benefits of implants for people who find themselves suffering from edentulism – having no teeth at all on either upper or lower level (or even both).

The presentation was part of The Scottish Dental Show which was staged at Hampden in Glasgow. This was organised by the team from Scottish Dental Magazine and congratulations to them all for the effort they put into pulling together what was a first-class event!

I explained how effective dentures can be a solution and also how dental implants can assist in providing the patient with a significant improvement not only in dental function but also appearance. The benefit to the patient can also result in a massive confidence boost – and of course the restoration of their smile.

The feedback was all very positive and I was delighted so many delegates opted to stay on for my presentation – and not take advantage of the afternoon sun! So thanks to everyone who attended.

Congratulations to our dentist Liz!

Liz Glass, dentist and dental surgeon

Philip on stage

The team here is keen on professional/personal development and many of us attend courses, study for exams or go to seminars and lectures in pursuit of more and advanced knowledge about our great profession.

As you can imagine the research and studies being carried out into dental work, implant surgery and cosmetic dentistry advances change by the day so we all like to aim at being up to date with our knowledge and experience.

So we’re delighted to congratulate one of our dentists, Liz Glass, who’s just passed the first stage of the The Diploma of Membership of the Joint Dental Faculties exam.

Liz was candidate number 854. She sits the second part at the end of May in Leeds.

Relying less on traditional tests of knowledge and more on workplace-based demonstration of competencies, the MJDF provides a modern, innovative assessment for today’s dentist. You can read more about it here

Implant patient writes feedback: new tooth ‘unrecognisable’ from its neighbour!

We appreciate getting feedback from our patients and today a lady wrote in about the dental implant work that we’d carried out at our Glasgow clinic.

Here are her own words…

“Just a quick note to thank you for my new implanted front tooth!
After many years of various surgeries at varying dentistry practices (one in the US!!), you have finally succeeded in giving me a tooth that is unrecognisable from its neighbour!!!

The treatment I received from yourself was second to none. Not forgetting Kasia and Siobhan and Karyn on Reception, the whole experience was totally professional and made bearable (if that’s the correct word) by the relaxed atmosphere from the minute I entered the door of your Practice. It was great from my point of view to at last have a Dentist with whom I could discuss issues in a relaxed manner.

Many thanks once again – and looking forward to seeing everyone when I come in for my check-up. (I can’t believe I’m looking forward to visiting the Dentist!!!)

We thank her for taking the time to communicate her feedback to the team.

Our CT Scanner gets its annual service

It’s annual service time for the Glasgow clinic’s Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Scanner.

Like any piece of sophisticated equipment it’s vitally important to have it serviced and maintained so that it works at its optimum.

This fantastic piece of equipment enables three dimensional imaging of the teeth and surrounding structures to be obtained using as low a radiation dose as possible.  To ensure the dosage is as low as possible, our EWOO Pax-Due CBCT Scanner allows us to select various sizes for scanning to ensure that we only view the area we require.

The three dimensional CBCT images allow fantastic diagnostic and planning capabilities for the dentists in the clinic and the images can be used for diagnosis, bone assessment, precise location of vital structures, endodontics(root treatment) on difficult teeth.

In addition, using the information gained from the CBCT scans, we can produce 3D models of a patients bone to enable computed assisted planning and design for implant placement is difficult areas.  This is made possible using a unique planning software tool offering the possibility of computer guided surgery

Sonny’s success for uni’ dentistry course

Cakes sent in my Sonny's mum to celebrate his winning place at Glasgow Uni for dentistry studies

Tasty way to celebrate Sonny's study success

Congratulations to Sonny Basi…another of our dental clinic work placement school pupils who’s earned a place to study dentistry.

This time Sonny is heading to the University of Glasgow. Thanks to his mum who brought us in these lovely cakes to celebrate!

A few weeks ago we shared the news about another former work placement pupil Kirstie Malley who has received an unconditional offer to study dentistry at Dundee University.

Good luck to both Kirstie and Sonny with their future studies. We’re delighted to have played our part in your journeys.

Does snoring upset your night’s sleep? Clinic could have answer with Somnowell

Today’s Daily Record Vital section which focuses on women and health issues carries a feature about snoring and solutions.

The article – see attached – carries information about causes, cures and crises resulting from persistent snoring. The piece quotes Philip on his suggestions for helping sufferers.

We here at Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry work with the Somnowell range of products which involve creating a bespoke mouthpiece for each patient requiring help.

Check out snoring section under treatments here for more information or to read the article in full please click on this.

Article in Daily Record Vital section quotes Philip Friel about Somnowell and snoring

Feature about snoring quotes Philip