Vital team training: clinic session to update on resuscitation techniques

We take all matters relating to patients wellbeing seriously.
We have a heart defribillator unit in the clinic – we’re not required do, but we do because we think it’s important to be well equipped.
Our team is trained in all matters relating to first aid and on how to deal with emergencies which could arise.
We’ve just updated our CPR training for the clinic team – something we do on an annual basis.
Everyone involved in the training session learns about resuscitation methods and how best to care for patients until the emergency services arrive.
We all consider these training sessioins to be vitally important.
Of course we hope never to need to use the skills we learn – but we have them nevertheless.

CPR training in the clinic. All staff are required to train on an annual basis

Kasia and Liz get some hands-on practice during the training session

Birthday celebration for dental nurse Louise: 21 today

Louise, one of the dental nurses who assists in general dentistry and cosmetic techniques as well as endodontic work at the clinic

Louise: 21 today!

Congratulations and birthday wishes to Louise, one of the dental nurses, who’s 21 today!

Here Louise is showing her delicious birthday cake during lunch hour. Happy birthday from all your colleagues! We all need to make sure we clean our teeth after chomping on a few slices!

Referring dentists: for dental implants, endodontics, CT scans

Last night we hald an open evening at the clinic for our referring dentists. This was an ideal chance for us to show our fellow professionals the facilities and our equipment.

This was also a chance for members of our team to meet the dentists who have selected our clinic for patient referral.

We have dentists who refer patients to us for endodontics, dental implant surgery and CT scans.

Teeth whitening: How not to do it…and what’s best?

According to experts looking at how people in the 15th-17th centuries achieved their beauty goals have uncovered some slightly scary insights about teeth cleaning methods which suggest the ancient ‘roots’ of the modern Hollywood smile.

If you’d been around in the Renaissance period and wanted to whiten your smile, you might have concocted a paste mixture of vinegar, rock alum powder, salt and honey which was kept in a closed vial.

The user then washed their teeth with a rough cloth – rubbing them soundly but not to the bleeding point (thankfully!).

Don’t even attempt to follow that recipe – aside from creating a mix that will taste disgusting the end effect of whitening can’t be guaranteed.

Thankfully in today’s world of professional dental knowledge and technology we have much more appealing – and beneficial – methods of teeth whitening.

We recommend a dual approach – using Zoom power whitening (the laser method) along with bespoke teeth whitening trays which are than used at home over a period to not only boost whitening but also to maintain a good standard.

Contact the clinic if you need more information about how best to boost your smile’s white factor.

To put the Renaissance beauty tip in context, another of the tips – this time for a beautiful facial complexion – included mixing breadcrumbs and egg white which were then stored in vinegar for two days before being applied to the skin. Sounds more like a Delia Smith scone recipe gone wrong!

Facial aesthetics course at clinic

Stuart McLaren who heads up our facial aesthetics side of the clinic and the Facial Cosmetic Academy will hold a one day introductory course for other dentists/nurses/hygienists in the clinic this Saturday.

Topics covered will include the use of Botulinum Toxin and Dermal fillers.

Course comprises lectures and then practical training on live patients so every delegate leaves feeling confident in facial aesthetics.

The course is accredited by Hamilton Fraser Insurance ensuring all participants are indemnified to practice after completion of the course.

Private Dentistry magazine focuses on new clinic

New clinic gets ‘cover shot’ status.
“Private Dentistry” magazine is out and they’ve focused on the clinic in a feature about our makeover and launch. They must have liked it – they’ve popped it on their front page!
The article focuses on the renovation project and showcases many of the before and after images.
We’re delighted…

Cover of new issue of Private Dentistry magazine focusing on our clinic where we offer services including cosmetic dentistry and dental implants

New cover of the Private Dentistry magazine

Sharing headlines with TV doc Christian Jessen: All about smiles!

We’re making headlines in TV doc Christian Jessen’s new magazine “At Home – Ask the Doctor”. The mag carries a feature we wrote about how much your smile can reveal about your age. We’ve looked at some celebs and compared their real ages with their smile age (post cosmetic dental work). We discuss which treatments achieve which benefits. We talk about how beneficial dental implants can be in restoring your smile and dental function. And most of all we highlight why it’s important to maintain first-class dental health as you get older. All good reading and all good promotion for the clinic and the team!

At home Christian Jessen magazine with philip friel article on smiles, cosmetic dentistry and implant surgery

Cover of At Home mag with Christian Jessen

Dental implant course planned: working with CADE team

We’re doing some great work with CADE, the Centre for Advanced Dental Education, based in Manchester. Our clinic will be the venue for an implant course which will see dentists from all over Scotland head for Glasgow to take part. I’ll be involved in the teaching. I’m 100% passionate about continuing professional learning and development for dentists and being able to work with such a prestigious organisation is a great step forward.

Can you spot the clinic in this 1954 photo of Hyndland Road?

A trip down memory lane…and how the neighbourhood has changed in 57 years. Our clinic is on Hyndland Road and this old photo shows our location back in the days of trams. You can spot our building upper side of the left hand side street on the image. The car that’s visible is parked almost at our stairs up to what’s now our clinic entrance. We’re loving this image and we may get it blown up and framed to show patients in the clinic.Image from 1964 showing Hyndland Road, now 21st century location of Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry's clinic where dentists offer cosmetic dentistry including dental implants

Scan offers dentists best possible insight: ideal for implant patients

We have installed in the clinic one of the most advanced CT scanners available in the dental world.
This highly sophisticated piece of equipment allows dentists to create the most amazing 3D images of a patient’s mouth and face, enabling us to see precisely and clearly what’s happening ‘beneath the surface’.
The technology is fast – we can scan the patient and within minutes be discussing a treatment plan based on what we’ve generated pictorially on one of our surgery screens.
As well as 3D imaging, the machine also produces advanced X-ray style images – again in a few minutes.
For patients having dental implant surgery this CT scanner means we can generate precise imagery which allows us to embark on computer aided surgery.
We also offer the scanner for use by referring dentists – giving their patients the opportunity to access a valuable insight into their dental status.

CT scanner used in Philip Friel clinic - ideal to help with scans for implant patients and computer guided surgery

Our CT Scanner - one of the most advanced in dental world