The age of your smile can ‘speak’ volumes

Can your smile give away the secret of your age?

With so many TV shows and media reports focusing on age – and how to stop the effects of ageing – we’re looking in this blog post at the types of issues that can be prevalent regarding your teeth and smile as you get older.

We’re looking at the 40+ decades and highlighting some of the issues you may encounter.

Our team here at the Glasgow dental clinic is on hand to help discuss any of the issues covered here and of course can look at some of the recommended cosmetic dentistry solutions – including dental implant surgery – which can help.

40s and 50s

During your 40s and 50s, stains can become much harder to erase with wear and tear and ageing and gum recession can become more pronounced.

As your face starts to age, your teeth can often push forward which in turns leads to causing lower front teeth to crowd.

Regular professional cleanings can help erase minimal stains – and that’s where we would always recommend regular visits to see our dental hygienists’ team here at our Glasgow dental clinic. But if that doesn’t work, then whitening, crowns or veneers may be necessary recommended solutions.

Veneers can offer a solution, providing, in essence, a new outer layer of enamel for the tooth or teeth. They can disguise worn teeth and can look very natural – a key word in any treatment for patients.

Check the surface of your teeth. Is it rough? The rougher the texture, then the more likely your teeth will be to retaining stains and causing your aesthetic issues. Your dentist should be able to smooth out or polish the tooth enamel so it will be less likely to absorb stains.

Into the 60s

Moving into the 60s then the patient could have additional issues facing them…

Gum recession may make your teeth look longer than they actually are. Saliva production may decrease, reducing the protective benefits of saliva and leading to bad breath.

Even if you’re whitening their teeth, your smile could still be ageing you. One solution is to think about ceramic crowns or veneers to enable lighter teeth set up to a bespoke design – and improved smile.

When the back teeth are worn or missing, the facial structure they support tends to collapse or fall in which can lead to deep facial folds. In addition, without the back teeth, far more pressure than is normal is placed on the front teeth which may be to their detriment over time.

Teeth that support the lips and ideally positioned give optimal support to the overlying soft tissue, meaning less obvious folds and creases. The end result is a more balanced, youthful appearance for an overall younger look. Subject to any cosmetic or restorative work being carried out – including dental implants – there would be a full examination carried out and an assessment of the patient’s medical history and status.

Should you have any questions arising from the blog or would like to make an appointment to discuss any of the issues please call our Glasgow clinic reception team on 0141 339 7579.

Smile makeover for patient in early 60s: self conscious about her teeth since childhood accident.

We received this lovely testimonial from a lady in early 60s who’d been self conscious about her teeth since a childhood accident. She wanted a smile makeover at our Glasgow dental clinic.

This patient wished to improve her smile together with her confidence in her smile.

There was a combination of a missing central incisor tooth, worn, ageing restorations and a shift in the centreline.

Many and varied treatment options were discussed together with the feasibility of each. The patient wished lower arch orthodontics (treatment ongoing) together with new ceramic work on the upper arch to camouflage the alignment issues of the smile. This also enhanced her smile’s aesthetic appearance, improving the shade and harmony.

Here’s her note to us…and the photo montage shows the before/after…

“To Dr Friel and his team…After many years of feeling self conscious about my teeth following a childhood accident, I finally decided to seek advice from Dr Friel. After a consultation a treatment plan was drawn up to enable me to decide which treatment I would prefer.


Thanks to the expertise and skill of Dr Friel fitting Zirconia Crowns I now have the confidence to smile when speaking to people.

I would highly recommend a visit to Dr Friel’s Dentistry Practice to anyone who like me put off having work done to their teeth through the fear of the dentist.

Zirconia crowns and orthodontic work helped achieve great result

The before (top) and after of this lady’s smile makeover


Phil and his excellent team immediately put you at ease, by being so friendly and professional the minute you walk through the door. They have the patience to explain the details of the treatment, and also help to alleviate any fears during the procedures.

I can’t thank Phil and his team enough for all their care and assistance, if only I’d known the final outcome I would have done it years ago.”

We’re always grateful when a patient takes the time to write to us about the experiences in the clinic. If you have any questions arising from this blog post of would like to find out more about smile makeovers please contact us on 0141 339 7579.